Man Crush Mondays: Junoflo

Stage Name: Junoflo

Origin: California, USA

Entertainment Company: Feel Ghood Music

Notable Songs: “Eyes On Me”, “Life Is a Gamble”, “Deja Vu”, “Fables”

Junoflo is a rapper hailing from Fullerton, California. He has participated in “Show Me the Money 5” and is currently participating in “Show Me the Money 6”.


I was introduced to Junoflo while watching “Show Me the Money 5”. It was a pity that he was eliminated early on in the competition. Despite that, he is a talented rapper. Personally, I would rank him as one of my favourite rappers in the industry at the moment. He often writes clever and rhythmic lyrics and has an engaging tone and good flow. There was a reason why he was recruited by the legends of Korean hip-hop (Tiger JK and Bizzy) for Feel Ghood Music! They too recognize his skills!

Junoflo is currently dominating in “Show Me the Money 6”. I hope he wins first place. He deserves it! Personally, I believe the finals will be between Nucksal and Junoflo. That will be a sight to see!

Check out Junoflo’s performance of “Eyes on Me” from last week’s “Show Me the Money 6” episode!


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