Woman Crush Wednesdays: SuA

Name: Kim Bo Ra

Birth Date: August 10, 1994

Age: 23

Origin: South Korea

Group: Dreamcatcher

Position: Vocalist

Entertainment Company: Happyface Entertainment

SuA was originally a member of Korean girl-group Minx. She made her first debut in 2014 with “Why Did You Come to My Home”. In 2016, Minx re-debuted as Dreamcatcher. The group released “Chase Me” in January 2017.

There are so many debuting groups in KPOP, that it is hard to keep track of them all. However, Minx stood out to me because of their insanely catchy debut song. I was a bit sad when the news of the group’s reformation was announced. I did not really want the group to change. However, this change put them on the map. Dreamcatcher continues to stand out from other girl groups with their rock concept. I have loved every song they have released as Dreamcatcher so far. I hope they continue on this climb.

While I love their music, I do not know much about the members of Dreamcatcher. Only a couple of the members have captured my interest so far. One of these members is SuA. This happened during the “Good Night” era. I am still trying to figure out what attracted me to her. She let off an aura that appealed to me.



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