Woman Crush Wednesdays: Watanabe Mayu

Name: Watanabe Mayu (渡辺 麻友)

Birth Date: March 26, 1994

Age: 23

Origin: Saitama, Japan

Group: AKB48 (Team B)

Watanabe Mayu is a member of Team B in AKB48. Mayu debuted with the group in December 2006. Mayu announced her graduation during this year’s general election. She will be graduating from AKB48 in October 2017.

While Mayu was a prominent member of AKB48, I only began to take notice of her during her tenure in the subunit, Watarirouka Hashiritai. The first music video I saw from this group was “Kanpeki Gu No Ne”. At the time, I did not know that this was a subunit of the AKB family and I did not realize that Mayu was a member of AKB48.

As I began to listen to more of AKB48’s music, I began to pay attention to Mayu a lot more. She was one of the members I could actually recognize among the many unfamiliar faces.

I remember Mayu was the reason why AKB48’s “Majijo Teppen Blues” was one of my favourite Japanese songs for a while. Her one line in the song combined with the music pause and then the sudden lead into the chorus made me fall in love with that song. I would repeat that part of the song over and over.

It is sad to see Mayu leave the group, however, she has been successful as a soloist and I believe she will continue to be successful outside of the group. I wish Mayu all the best after her graduation!

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