2017 Hello! Project Review: C-ute

There was a lot going on last year with several graduations and member rotations and additions. However, it was a pretty good year for Hello! Project music. A lot of great singles and music videos were released. Join me as I look back on 2017 and rank my top three favourite songs, music videos and single outfits from each group.


The first featured group is C-ute, who disbanded in June 2017.



1) The Curtain Rises


This song was lit! It was a perfect agglomeration of rap, electronic dance music, and powerful vocals. Airi dominated this song and Mai’s and Saki’s adlibs made it even more enjoyable.

2) To Tomorrow


This song completely contrasts “The Curtain Rises.” It is a sweeter song that somehow, brought a sense of nostalgia to me. It reminded me of some of C-ute’s earlier music.

3) Final Squall



The song is hyped but that’s really just it. It was not that memorable to me and seemed all over the place. I do not hate the song, but it definitely was my least favourite of the single.



1) Final Squall

Though it is my least favourite song, the music video for “Final Squall” was my favourite. Yeah, I know it is weird, but I loved the fact that they included fans in the music video. I also loved the rain scenes and the scene at the end where the group thanked fans and took pictures with them. It really marked the end of the C-ute era.

2) The Curtain Rises


The main reason why I loved this music video was due to the editing. The quick and successive close-ups and layering of the video made it dynamic and kept the audience interested.

3) To Tomorrow

The only things that I liked about this music video were the beautiful outdoor scenery and the fact that other Hello Project members and Kenshuusei were featured in the dance shot. There was not anything else I really liked about the music video.



1) The Curtain Rises

I was not impressed with the choreography for any of the songs. It may be because my expectations for choreography has been increasing (I blame LDH for this), and because many of the dances in Hello Project are repetitive and not really innovative. “The Curtain Rises” had the best choreography of the three songs because of the sexy movements and large arm and hand movements.

2) Final Squall

I mainly like the dance for this song because of the use of the rags, which they spun around.

3) To Tomorrow

Apparently, the choreography for this song used many of C-ute’s past dances. Unfortunately, this still did not appeal to me in any way.



1) The Curtain Rises


Their all-black outfits were sexy and glamorous. It fit perfectly with the theme of the song.

2) Final Squall


Their red outfits juxtaposed the dark setting of the music video making the girls stand out even more.

3) To Tomorrow

The white dresses were pretty, but I am getting really tired of Hello! Project dressing their idols in white. It has gotten tedious and has become a huge turn-off.

In the next post, I will review my Morning Musume ’17 favourites!


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