2018 Hello! Project Wish List

At the beginning of the past few years, I made wish lists of with events or happenings that I would like to see in Hello! Project.

In 2017, I wished for numerous things, and a few of them came true including:

A new Morning Musume album

The debut of Danbara Ruru, Takase Kurumi and Kiyono Momohime

And a new unit to debut, which included Ichioka Reina. Although, we still have no update about this group or its other members (and it is seriously pissing me off).

I also wished for the return of Sayashi Riho. While we did not see a comeback from her, we did get an update about her with an Instagram video of her in a dance class in New York.

This year, I have a few more wishes for Hello Project.

1) New members of Kobushi Factory


I am not saying that I do not like Kobushi Factory as a 5-nin group. Honestly, I would not have an opinion of them until I see them make an official comeback. They will be coming back as a 5-nin group with their 5th single (what a coincidence) in March 2018. However, part of me wants to see new members be added from Hello Pro Kenshuusei, just to add a bit more personality and flavour to the group. Some Kenshuusei members that I hope to see be added to Kobushi Factory include Horie Kizuki, Inoue Hikaru, and Shimakura Rika.


2) Members of Ichioka Reina’s Group Announced


As I mentioned before, there has been no update about Reina’s group since June 2017. Every day, I anticipate some news about the group, but months have passed without an announcement. It seems like it has been forever since they announced it and personally it is very annoying that management has fans AND Reina waiting like this. My final hopes are that they are either announced at the end of the Winter tour this weekend or during the March Kenshuusei recital. After that, I will personally give up on waiting for this group. Management is just wasting my time.

My personal preferences for this new group is Yamazaki Yuhane, Maeda Kokoro, Noguchi Kurumi, Ono Kotomi, Nishida Shiroi, Yonemura Kirara, and Shutto Anna.

3) New Hello Pro Kenshuusei Members


Last year, we got fifteen new members of Hello Pro Kenshuusei. Some members departed, and others were promoted. I expect that there will be a few more debuts this year. I always love new faces so I will be happy to see new members to replace the promoted ones.

4)  Sayashi Riho’s Comeback


I got excited when I saw the video of Riho in the dance classes in the States. It makes me even more eager for her comeback. Just as last year, I am hoping to see the return of Riho, especially for the company’s 20th Anniversary.

5) Inaba Manaka’s Solo Release


Manaka has officially returned to Hello Project. It was one of the biggest surprises of last year. Now that she is a soloist, I would love to see her release a solo song. We have not had a real soloist since Mano Erina graduated. I would like to see someone fulfil that role once more.

However, some fans are speculating that Manaka will be part of Reina’s new group, along with Takase Kurumi and Kiyono Momohime. Hopeful, we get an update about this sooner rather than later. I am growing impatient!

6) New Subunits


With a change in the music release system, Hello Project has been releasing many digital singles. For these singles, we got to see many cross-group subunits such as Inoue Hikaru and Inoue Rei, Funaki Musubu and Yokoyama Reina, and Kanazawa Tomoko and Iikubo Haruna. I would love to see more subunits throughout the year.

7) Tsubaki Factory, ANGERME or Juice=Juice Album


I was so happy when Morning Musume released their new album! Now I am greedy for more. I have been dying for albums from ANGERME and Juice=Juice. I am also hoping to see a debut album for Tsubaki Factory!

8) Hello! Project Concert in Canada


As usual, I keep wishing for a Hello! Project group to come to Canada. I am still waiting. I still want to see my favourite idols with my own eyes and feel the same energy that wota feel during live performances.


That’s all for my wishes! What are your hopes for Hello! Project in 2018?

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