My Dream J-POP Just Dance* Playlist

I recently got the “Just Dance Now” mobile application and was playing around with it for a bit when I had a thought:

“What would my ideal ‘Just Dance’ playlist look like?”

For some reason, mostly Japanese songs came to mind. This may be because of their usually upbeat and preppy nature, and sometimes easy to follow along dances. Personally, I always found dancing to J-POP songs a lot easier and enjoyable than Korean songs. Every time I try to learn the choreography for a K-POP song, my unfit body suffers.

Moving back on topic, I decided to compile a list of some J-POP songs that I would like to be on my personal “Just Dance” playlist. I know that there are Japanese versions of the game (Just Dance Wii series) that has Japanese songs. However, this list consists of my personal preferences that I would love to jam to on the game.

Check out my list below and let me know what you think! I tried to choose songs that were not on any of the current “Just Dance” games. Let me know if you have any songs that you would like on your personal playlist!

1) Oh Boy by SudannayuzuYully

I love this song! It is a cool hip-hop track with slow and repetitive beats, which makes it perfect to dance to! The actual choreography has a lot of jumps and technical dance moves because LDH artists are pretty much all professional dancers, but the “Just Dance” version can be simplified so even naturally uncoordinated persons like myself can follow along.

2) Still Love You by AAA

This is another song that is not too fast. I can already foresee the graphics for the game where there are two dancers, one male and one female, following the different choreography for the guys and girls in the group. There is one part of the choreography during the chorus that can get pretty difficult, but most of the choreography is simple to follow along.

3) W Face by Koda Kumi

The bass in this song blows my mind. This can be a really dark, slow and sexy dance that one can follow along to. I have never actually seen the choreography for this song if there is one, but I am sure there can be simple and sultry movements that can be done with this song. It would not take up too much energy and can make the dancer feel fierce and sexy at the same time. Though, I am not sure if this song will actually pass because of the profanity during the song.

4) Catch me if You can by Shoujo Jidai

Yes, I am talking about the original Japanese version of the song. This song and choreography made me fall in love with the group all over again, even though this was around the time that Jessica left the group. The choreography and the fast-paced song will definitely give you a workout!

5) Taiki Bansei by ANGERME

I can actually see the dance moves of this song being incorporated into the “Just Dance” choreography. The dance is tiring, but fun and easy to follow along to. There is a short period of time right after the dance break and before the last chorus where you can get some time to rest.

6) Surrender by FAKY

I had this song on replay for the past few weeks. I am really loving Faky and their music. I have to take some time to learn more about the members. This is another slower song with a beat that is easy to follow along to. It would not get you too worked up, but the dance moves can still give you sufficient exercise. I will probably be singing along to the song while dancing!

7) Rydeen ~Dance All Night~ by E-Girls

Okay, maybe I should not have made a comment about K-POP songs being easier to dance to than J-POP songs because anytime an LDH artist is involved, the choreography gets real technical. E-Girls and “Rydeen ~Dance All Night~ are not exceptions. I tried to learn the choreography and I did not get very far. However, it is a funky dance track that has great “Just Dance” potential once paired with some repetitive and straightforward dance moves.

8) Kanpeki Guu No Ne by Watarirouka Hashiritai

I love this dance so much! It’s so cute and exciting! It just has to be in a “Just Dance” game. I especially love the part during the chorus where they tap their body and click their heels. This song and choreography are just perfect for this game!

9) The Power by C-ute

This is another easy dance with an addictive South Asian music beat. The “airplane dance” during the verses could be key dance moves in the game. There are many repetitive parts just like most of the choreography in the game. One of their other songs, “Dance De Bakoon” has been featured in the “Just Dance Wii U” game.

10) B Who I want 2 B by Namie Amuro featuring Hatsune Miku

I just had to include the queen in this list. Again, I do not know if there is any actual choreography for the song since the music video is animated, but despite that, this is a fun song to dance to.

11) Darkest Before Dawn by Miura Daichi

The main reason I want this song on my playlist is that I want to clap along when he sings “Oh Oh Oh Oh” right before the chorus. I have no idea why there may be clapping at that part, but it can be part of an entertaining exercise.

12) Beginner by AKB48

I just had to include an AKB48 song. So many of their songs have been previously featured in “Just Dance” games including “Flying Get,” and my favourites, “Heavy Rotation,” and “Koisuru Fortune Cookie.” One song that I love, which I do not think has been featured in any of the games as yet, is “Beginner.” Just listening to this song makes me feel like a badass, and sometimes, I want to feel like a badass while playing “Just Dance.” This song will do the job.

* This is not a sponsored post

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