2017 Hello! Project Review: ANGERME

There was a lot going on last year with several graduations and member rotations and additions. However, it was a pretty good year for Hello! Project music. A lot of great singles and music videos were released. Join me as I look back on 2017 and rank my top three favourite songs, music videos and single outfits from each group.

The third featured group is ANGERME. Check out my previous rankings for C-ute and Morning Musume ’17 as well!



  1. Kisoku ta Dashiku Utsushiku


A Takeuchi Akari and Funaki Musubu-led song? Yes Please! They are two of the best singers of the group and their deeper voices made this dark song perfect. The “danger in my love” part is the best part of the song!


  1. Manner Mode


I love that this song had so much Rikako in it. Her voice really suited the song. You can see that management is pushing Rikako in the centre position.

3. Namida Iro no Ketsu


This song was created in tribute to Aikawa Maho, who was on hiatus at the time. It is a really sad but sweet song that shows the group’s support for Aikawa’s decision to go on hiatus to receive treatment for her illness.




  1. Kisoku ta Dashiku Utsushiku


I love the music video as much as I love the song. The music video had a supernatural ghost-like concept in a beautiful and mysterious setting. The music video used cool effects like making Akari and Musubu seem like ghosts by making their stomachs disappear and making the other members teleport from one area to another. It was an overall cool music video.


  1. Manner Mode


I really loved this music video because of the editing style. It was more than the standard close-up/dance shot music video. The collaged effects during the close-up shots and the scenes of the group members outside as if they were frozen in time made it different and more intriguing to watch.


  1. Namida Iro no Ketsu


The music video was mesmerizing. Rikako, Moe and Mizuki were the only soloists and centres for this song. All the other members performed the choreography. Despite this, all the members looked beautiful. I also loved the colours of the secondary outfits. It matched the colourful buildings in the background. All the blues, yellows and pinks blended well together. I looked up the location where the video was filmed, and it is in a place called Longwood Station, in Chiba, Japan. It is surely a place I would like to visit if I ever go to Japan.




  1. Kisoku ta Dashiku Utsushiku


This song is at the top of every category for ANGERME. I just love it so much. The choreography is fire as well. My favourite part again is the “danger in my love” part where the girls point downward to the music.


  1. Ai Sae Areba Nanni mo Iranai


I can understand why the girls said that this dance was very difficult. It may not seem challenging but there are so many different and quick movements. It was hard to keep track of all the movements just watching it. I can imagine how hard it was to keep up with the quick choreography!


  1. Manner Mode


This dance was different from Hello! Project’s usual choreography, which is why I loved it. It was quirky and fun. There were many unconventional movements that made it interesting. Apparently, the dance was choreographed by Katagiri Yuka, a new choreographer for Hello! Project. I really hope she makes more choreography for songs in the future. It would be great to see the dancing style in the company change a bit.



  1. Kisoku ta Dashiku Utsushiku


Again, this song finds itself at the top of my list. The outfits fit the mysterious and dark concept of the song. It reminded me of the fancy clothing that can be seen in movies featuring vampires back in the 18th and 19th centuries. They are elegant but retro.


  1. Kimi Dake ja nai sa … Friends


The outfits for this song are ranked second because of their colours. I really like light-coloured dresses and all the members looked fabulous in them.


  1. Majokko Megu-chan


This song ranked third for a similar reason as “Kimi Dake ja nai sa…Friends.” I really love the light peaches, purples and pinks used for the blouses and skirts. The only reason why I ranked lower than “Kimi Dake ja nai sa…Friends” is because I do not partly like the cut of the blouses worn by some of the girls.

In the next post, I will review my Juice=Juice favourites!


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