Man Crush Mondays: G-Dragon

Name: Kwon Ji-yong (권지용)

Origin: Seoul, South Korea

Birth Date: August 18, 1988

Age: 29 (international age)


Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Vocalist

Entertainment Company: YG Entertainment

This week’s featured male idol is G-Dragon, the leader of veteran KPOP group, BIGBANG. G-Dragon has been active in the music industry for many years. Before debuting in BIGBANG, G-Dragon was part of the group “Little Roo’Ra” when he was six years old. After the group’s disbandment, G-Dragon was a trainee under SM Entertainment, then YG Entertainment, learning how to rap, dance and sing. He officially made his debut with BIGBANG on August 19, 2006, the day after his birthday. Today, G-Dragon is a successful singer, rapper, songwriter, and fashion designer.

G-Dragon was one of my first biases when I just started getting into KPOP. He is still one of my favourite persons in the industry. You cannot deny that he is talented. Not only has he penned and created hundreds of songs for his group and others, but he is also very successful in the fashion industry owning his fashion brand, “Peaceminusone.”


I admired G-Dragon for his talent and charisma. Almost every song he releases is a bop. He never disappoints. His music does not only sound good but always has a profound theme or message relating to her personal experiences or current affairs.

I was lucky to see G-Dragon in concert last July in Toronto. I was a bit sad to be so far away from the stage, but it was still one of my favourite concert experiences. Kwon Ji Young knows how to put on a show. He is indeed an artist.

Last week, G-Dragon started his mandatory military service as an active duty soldier in the “White Skull Division,” He is scheduled to be discharged in November 2019.

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