Man Crush Mondays: Bobby

Name: Kim Ji-won (김지원)

Birth Date: December 21, 1995

Age: 22 (international age)

Origin: Seoul, South Korea

Group: iKON

Position: Rapper

Entertainment Company: YG Entertainment

Bobby was born in Seoul, South Korea but moved to Virginia in the United States at a very young age. He moved back to South Korea after passing an audition with YG Entertainment when he was sixteen years old. In, 2013 he participated in the competition show, “WIN: Who is Next” as a member of Team B. Unfortunately, Team B lost the competition against Team A, who went on to debut as WINNER.

In 2014, Bobby became the youngest winner of hip-hop survival show, “Show Me the Money 3.”

In 2015, Bobby participated in, yet another survival show called “Mix and Match,” where he eventually debuted in iKON with the song “My Type.”

My interest in Bobby started when I was watching “WIN: Who is Next.” I started following him a lot more, especially during “Show Me the Money 3” and his collaborations with Epik High and Masta Wu.

I admire Bobby for his talent. He is one of my favourite rappers in the K-POP industry. He also ties with BI for my bias of iKON.

I realized he is also a pretty decent singer as well when he released his solo album, “Love and Fall.” He also performed on King of Mask Singer and wowed the audience with his vocals.

Although he is a badass rapper, sometimes, he is a sweet angel that you just want to protect. He has an irresistible smile that I just cannot resist, and how cute is it that he walks around with his Winnie the Pooh toy?

There are many sides to Bobby. He can rap, sing, and dance. He is also a versatile musician who can make different types of music. He is not just limited to rap and hip-hop, and those are only a few of the reasons why I love Bobby.



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