2017 Hello! Project Review: Juice=Juice

There was a lot going on last year with several graduations and member rotations and additions. However, it was a pretty good year for Hello! Project music. A lot of great singles and music videos were released. Join me as I look back on 2017 and rank my top three favourite songsmusic videos and single outfits from each group.

The fourth featured group is Juice=Juice. Check out my previous rankings for C-ute, Morning Musume ’17, and ANGERME as well!


  1. Fiesta! Fiesta!

This was the best song last year. It quickly went to the top of my all-time favourite Hello! Project songs. Juice=Juice was always the vocal powerhouse of Hello! Project. However, with the addition of Ruru and Nanami, the group just got better. This was evident in this song with perfect high notes from Ruru and Sayuki. I love the Spanish flavour of the song and it reminded me of Eric Fukusaki’s music, which I love so much. It makes sense since it was composed by him!

  1. Jidanda Dance

This song was funny and addicting, but it only lasts for so long. My interest in this song quickly died down as the year went by. However, it is listed second since Juice=Juice did not release that much music last year.

  1. Feel! Kanjiru yo

This song is not memorable in anyway and is one of my least favourite songs of the year. As I previously mentioned, Juice=Juice did not release many songs last year, which is why it is ranked third in this list.


  1. Fiesta! Fiesta!

I am so sad that I have yet to see the full-length music video. It incorporated some scenes from their live performances and exploring during their world tour and some sexy close-up and dance scenes. I hope that they will release the long version soon. I will even buy it if I have to!

  1. Jidanda Dance

While I am not as interested in the song, the music video is fun and bubbly. It is also super funny. There are many pop graphics and text shown throughout the video. There were also Kenshuusei starring during the dance shot.

  1. Feel! Kanjiru yo

While the setting for the video was scenic, there is not much that I remember about the overall video.


  1. Fiesta! Fiesta!

The choreography is sexy and fits the Spanish concept. This is one time I am impressed with Yamashiro Yoko’s choreography.

  1. Jidanda Dance

This dance is so strange and that’s what makes it special. It makes me want to dance along.

  1. Feel! Kanjiru yo

There was not really any choreography for the song, which turns me off even more. The girls just stand in a line while singing while pointing to the sky and in front of them during the chorus.


  1. Fiesta! Fiesta!

I have already accepted that I love everything about “Fiesta! Fiesta!” including the fiery red and sexy outfits.

  1. Feel! Kanjiro yo

The outfits are similar to the ones from “Kaze ni Fukarete.” They’re both pretty and pastel-coloured clothing that fit the light-hearted feel of the song. No pun intended.

  1. Jidanda Dance

While I like the secondary outfits for “Jidanda Dance,” I cannot seem to get used to the primary black and white outfits.

Next time, I will review my Country Girls favourites!

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