Wada Ayaka’s Graduation Announcement

ANGERME and Hello Project leader Wada Ayaka will be graduating from Hello Project next year after ANGERME’s Spring Tour. She wants to pursue a new dream outside of ANGERME and Hello Project. She hopes to continue as an idol and start as a new “Wada Ayaka.”

Honestly, while this announcement is heartbreaking, I am not surprised. I expected this announcement for years now. Ayaka has been part of Hello Project for over ten years. She joined Hello Pro Egg in 2004. She was added to S/mileage in 2009 and made her official debut with the group a year later. It seems as if she will be graduating right after her 10th year anniversary with the group.

Ayaka is my second favourite member of Hello Project. She is a ray of sunshine in ANGERME and Hello Project. We are the same age but often look up to her. I am a very pessimistic person by nature, but Ayaka has this exuberance that I wish I had. She is also hardworking. She improved so much since her debut and became one of (if not the best) leaders in the company.

I really cannot imagine what ANGERME will be like without her. However, I am hopeful. She set a solid foundation for the other members of the group. I know that they can carry on her legacy. I hope that they do not lose their kookiness and spontaneity that Ayaka fostered in the group.

The only question that remains is who will take Ayaka’s place as ANGERME and Hello Project leader?

Nakanishi Kana and Takeuchi Akari are currently the subleaders of ANGERME. My predictions are that Kana will be designated as ANGERME leader while Akari retains her subleader position. I am faithful that Kana will be an excellent leader of the group. She can continue that zany energy that everyone loves in ANGERME.

Fukumura Mizuki is the runner-up for Hello Project leader. She will take Ayaka’s position if she does not graduate before then. My question is who will take Mizuki’s position as subleader of Hello Project? My guess will be Morning Musume’s Ikuta Erina since she joined at the same time as Mizuki.

Otherwise, Juice=Juice’s Miyazaki Yuka may be given the appointment since she is currently the oldest (active) member of Hello Project. However, I do not see this happening.

Thankfully, we have a year to prepare for Ayaka’s graduation. I wish I had the financial means to see her in concert before she graduates, but unfortunately, I am just a poor student. So from all the way in North America, I wish Dawa all the best and good luck in her future endeavours!

Update: Wada Ayaka’s graduation date has been set to June 18, 2019!

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