JKPOP Age Lines (’93-Line)

This post features some Japanese and Korean idols that will be turning 25 years old (international age) this year!

Also, you can check out the featured idols from previous age-line posts!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is an artist. Her music is unconventional and distinctive. She is one-of-a-kind. When I first learnt about her, I was surprised that she was as old as she is. Not only does she look young, but she also has a high-pitched and youthful voice. Her image is similar to one of a young child’s. It is hard to believe that she is the same age as Dasom from Sistar or Mina from AOA.

D.O (EXO): As much as I love D.O, sometimes his serious countenance intimidates me. It also makes him seem a lot older than he is. To me, he appears to be more mature than some of the older members of EXO.

Mitsui Aika: Aika is adorable. It is very rare that you do not see a smile on her face. Despite being 25 years old, she has a buoyant and childlike personality that can put a smile on anyone’s face!

Taemin (SHINee): It is not fair. Taemin is one of the K-POP idols that had the best “glow up.” He went from the boy in “Replay” to the sexy man in “Move” and “Thirsty.” Where did my adolescent bias go?! But really, Taemin not only has grown physically but skills-wise as well. He is such a great performer, and he knows how to hold down a stage alone or with the rest of this group. You go TaeMAN!

Nakajima Mio (Flower): Mio-chin is the oldest member of Flower, so I was not surprised by her age. She is pretty mature and is a great performer.

Suga (BTS): Wait a minute, Yoongi, Taemin and D.O are the same age! That just dawned on me while writing this post! Sometimes, it is hard to remember that particular idols are part of the same age-line because of their debut times. Taemin has been in the industry for the longest out of the three, so sometimes my brain forgets this, and I think that he’s much older than D.O, who debuted in 2012 and Suga who debuted in 2013. In reality, they are all the same age! However, I never forget that Suga is one of the older members of his group. He is so different from the maknae line! As I mentioned in my previous age-line post, when BTS debuted I thought that Suga was older than Jin!

IU: I have been a fan of IU for a long time. Other than her vocal talents, I loved that IU and I were close in age. As she grew up in the industry, I felt like I was growing with her. Her maturity is also evident in her music as she moved on from making songs like “Marshmallow” and “Boo” to “Palette” and “Jam Jam.”

Much like Zico, she has mentioned her age in her past few songs and albums, such as “Spring of a Twenty-Year-Old,” “Twenty-Three,” and “Palette.”

Ravi (VIXX): RAVI! This guy is a ball of energy. He is my favourite member of VIXX but my admiration for him sky-rocketed while he participated in “Show Me the Money 4.” This boy is a bowl of never-ending winks. For some reason, these days when I think of Ravi, I think of WINNER’s Mino. I have no idea why, but it is understandable since they are both the rappers of their groups and they are both the same age. I would love to see them collaborate one day!

Mino (WINNER): He is another one of my favourite idol rappers. He has proven his skills numerous times through group and solo songs, and in “Show Me the Money.” There are times where he acts like a big kid, but he knows when to really “grow up” and get down to business. Look at the music video for his song “Body”!

Shirahama Alan (EXILE/Generations): Honestly, my mind assumes that all the members of EXILE are old idols. Many of the members, like Takahiro, Atsushi, Shokichi and Nesmith, are in their 30’s. I often forget that Alan is one of the younger members at 24 (25 in August). He also looks much older. Although, I probably should not forget about his age due to his unfortunate scandal with AKB48’s Minegishi Minami, who was born in 1992.

Bomi (A Pink): She looks young and sounds like a young girl. This is the sole reason why it is hard to reason that she will be turning 25 years old. It is hard to believe that she is the same age as other idols that do sexy concepts, such as T-ara’s Jiyeon or Sistar’s Dasom. Could you imagine A Pink completely changing their image and pursuing a sexy image? I definitely cannot. It would be a wonder to see.

Ishihara Kaori (Yuikaori): I really miss Yuikaori. I am not one to really like “cutesy” J-POP songs, but Yuikaori’s music always appealed to me. Kaori is another one of those idols that actively followed a cute and girlish concept, which often made her seem younger than she really is. Now that Yuikaori has disbanded, I wonder what type of image she will take on as a soloist.

Gongchan (B1A4): Gongchan is another idol that grew before my eyes. B1A4 was known for their cheerful and bubbly songs like “OK,” “Beautiful Target,” and “What’s Going On.” Conversely, they flipped their image to release more serious songs like “A Lie,” and upbeat songs like “Rollin’.” Gongchan was no longer the young and sweet maknae that we once knew. He’s older and has become a man.

Luna (f(x)): Luna has been pursuing a lot more soloist and collaboration activities. Many of her newer songs like “Free Somebody,” “Honey Bee” (with Solar and Hani), and “Lower” (with Amber) have a more mature theme than the usual f(x) songs. She has really blossomed into a beautiful young woman!


Wonho (Monsta X): Gosh I really love this guy. Not only is he handsome (those abs though) but he is also hilarious. He is one of my favourite members of Monsta X. It is no secret that he has a banging and developed body and he does not hesitate to show it off.

 These are only a few idols that are part of the ’93-line. These idols and more are featured in the slideshow below. Next time, we will look at the idols born in my birth year, 1994!

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