Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Debut Wishlist (April 2018)

The members of Hello Pro Kenshuusei change a lot, probably more so than the main Hello Project groups. This year, we already have seen the departure of Hashimoto Momoko, Goto Sayaka, and Kitagawa Ryo (I am so heartbroken). With the 2018 Hello Pro Kenshuusei test happening this week and two new groups announced, I suspect that there will be debuts in the future. Below, I have listed the Kenshuusei that I hope will debut this year. You can see a similar list on my 2018 Hello Project Wish List.

New Performance Group Members


Left to right: Ichioka Reina, Inoue Hikaru, Horie Kizuki, Shutto Anna

Inoue Hikaru


At the beginning of the year, I hoped that Hikaru would be added to Kobushi Factory. However, I changed my mind when details about the new performance group were released. I believe that Hikaru has the vocal talent and capacity to join a group that centres on “high-quality singing and dancing.” She also has years of experience under her belt, making her one of the better candidates for this group.

Horie Kizuki


Kizuki also has many years of training and stage experience. She is also one of the best dancers in the Kenshuusei. I believe that her stage experience working with the SAYUMINGLANDOLL series gives her a competitive advantage and more diverse proficiency.

Shutto Anna


I expect this performance group to have a “girl crush” concept. It only seems logical to me based on the skills required. Initially, I hoped that Anna and Momohime would be in the same group since they are similar to me, but I believe that Anna fits this concept the best. Anna is still pretty new to the Kenshuusei and has not received as much training as the other members. Nevertheless, I believe she has great potential and might be one of those lucky Kenshuusei that debut after a short period (much like Oda Sakura, Kanazawa Tomoko, and Yokoyama Reina).

New Theatre Group Members


Left to right: Takase Kurumi, Kiyono Momohime, Noguchi Kurumi, Yamazaki Mei, Kanemitsu Ruru, Matsubara Yuriya


Noguchi Kurumi


Noguchi has been in some plays. She also has a decent voice. What she lacks is stage presence, but I believe that she can gain this skill while promoting with the new theatre group.

Yamazaki Mei


Mei has been climbing up my favourites list. She is still young, but she has a lot of potential. For some reason, I think she would do well in this group. Also, I recently learned that she has been studying English for some years. I believe that her language skills can be an advantage for this group. I look forward to hearing her perform “Wonderful World (English Version) for this year’s testing event!

Kanemitsu Ruru


Ruru is a past musical actress. From the auditions, fans noticed her vocal talent. I believe that her musical background would be perfect for this group. She will be just like Meimi!

Matsubara Yuriya


Honestly, she still has a lot of training and growing up to do before she can be ready for debut. Thankfully, she has improved since her audition last year. This group’s concept is perfect for her, especially since they may also be going down the comedy route. It will be a shame if the company passes up the opportunity to put her in this group! I also feel like she would bring a lot of fans to the group.

Kobushi Factory New Members


Left to right: Nishida Shiroi, Shimakura Rika, Yonemura Kirara

Nishida Shiroi


I am still holding onto the hope that the company will add new members to Kobushi Factory. I am not saying that the current five members are not talented in their current form. Their latest single was pretty good, but the group feels a bit empty. It is hard to miss the lack of members when they perform older songs. I think that Shiroi would be a good fit for the group visually and vocally.

Shimakura Rika


I also think that Rika will blend into the group well. She is also a great singer, who may be able to keep up with the vocal powerhouses of Kobushi Factory.

Yonemura Kirara


She is so adorable! I think that she would be able to take on the cutesy role that Taguchi Natsumi once played in the group. She has been training for a long time. It is time for her to debut!

Morning Musume New Members


Left to right: Yamazaki Yuhane, Yamada Ichigo

Yamazaki Yuhane


Morning Musume is in need of two members. Kudo Haruka graduated in December 2017, and Ogata Haruna is set to graduate in June 2018.  Yuhane is a favourite member with a high level of skill. I can easily see her getting a centre or lead vocalist spot in this group. I cannot think of a better group for her!

Yamada Ichigo


Ichigo is also a popular member, especially with international fans. She can bring her popularity to the group. She could compete with Maria for the visual centre.

ANGERME New Members


Left to right: Maeda Kokoro, Ono Kotomi

Maeda Kokoro


Maho graduated last year, and Ayaka is set to graduate next year. If they do not hold an audition, I think two new members of ANGERME will be added to the group this year. This gives Ayaka some time to mentor the new members and for them to adjust to the group. I believe Kokoro fits ANGERME’s image. I also think that she would be able to fit into the group’s zany antics.

Ono Kotomi


I want Kotomi to be in the same group. They will be the visual queens of their group. They are so pretty! I also think that she would fit ANGERME’s image.

That is all for my Hello Pro Kenshuusei debut wish list. Just like last year, I am hoping that we get debut announcements at the testing event. Let me know which Kenshuusei members you would like to see debut soon in the comments section!

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