E-Girls Ranking (May 2018)

Recently, E-Girls went through some considerable line-up changes. Even, though some of my favourite members like Fujii Shuuka and Ami left, I still really love the group, but there have been some changes to my member ranking. An updated list of my favourite members follows:

Yamaguchi Nonoka

I do not know much about Nonoka, and she hardly stands out to me in music videos. She is a performer, so she does not get as much face time as the vocalists. This is why she is at the bottom of my list.

Ishii Anna

Her name is really unique and rolls off the tongue. When I first started getting into E-Girls, she was known as the “other Anna” in the group since I was interested more in Suda Anna. I know that is bad to think about her in that way since she is an essential member of the group, that is why I am actively trying to know more about her.


As I mentioned in my Happiness member ranking post, Kaede was one of the first members that caught my eye. It is the same for E-Girls. Unfortunately, my interest in her naturally declined over time.

Takebe Yuzune

If it were not for the SudannaYuzuYully group, Yuzune would have been much lower down on my list. I appreciate Yuzune’s vocal talent thanks to the unit and their awesome songs. I feel like she does not get enough recognition and screen time as Karen and Reina (especially Reina), so I am glad there is another way for her to show off her talents. I really hope to hear more music from SudannaYuzuYully soon!

Bando Nozomi

Nozomi is another member that attracted me because of her unique name. I grew to like her more because of her bubbly personality and charming smile.

Fujii Karen

I love Karen’s voice. It is the main reason why she is so high up on my list. The Fujii family is so talented. I am a bit disappointed that her sister and former Flower member, Fujii Shuuka, retired from the entertainment industry. There will be no more ShuuKaren, but Shuuka had her reasons.

Suda Anna

Anna loves experimenting with her hair. She had red hair, purple hair, pink hair, black hair, brown hair, the list goes on! I would not be surprised if she dyes her hair electric blue! This makes her stand out and unforgettable, which is a smart move. Performers do not get as much screen time as vocalists, so they have to find a way to stand out in the few seconds that they have! This is what drew me to Anna. I just stayed interested because she is that great of a performer and also due to her involvement in the SudannaYuzuYully subunit.


She is small in stature, but there is a lot of power packed into her. She is one of the best dancers in Happiness and E-Girls. She compensates for her small size with big movements, which also makes her stand out as a performer. She is also a member of the SudannaYuzuYully group, so I have more exposure to her, which makes her higher on my favourites list.

Sato Harumi

Yes, Harumi, the leader of E-Girls. She is so gorgeous and talented. Have you ever seen one of her solo dance videos? I am blown away each time. Her performance in JAY’ED’s “Here I Stand” was one of the best.

She is the best performer in Flower. Her dancing skills are versatile. She is able to dance to almost any genre, but I love seeing her perform modern dance the most. Harumi is currently battling with Reina for my most favourite member of Flower and in turn the second place in my E-Girls ranking.

Washio Reina

Currently, Reina is my favourite member of Flower, which pushes her up to second place on this E-Girls list. There is no doubt that she is a remarkable singer, but I have been very impressed by her dance skills lately. I could not take my eyes off of Reina during “Show Time.” However, sometimes I wish that I see less of Reina and more of the other performers and vocalists. I love Reina’s voice, but I also want another vocalist in Flower. It would be nice to change things up a bit. The group would be refreshed with an additional vocalist.


I have such a girl crush on Sayaka! She is so alluring on and off stage. Hands down, she is the best dancer of E-Girls and Happiness. Despite not being a vocalist, Sayaka receives a lot of screen time. Not only is she talented in dance, but her beauty and spunky personality help push her popularity in the group. I would love to see more solo work from Sayaka.

That’s it for my E-Girls ranking! You can check out my rankings for Flower and Happiness as well. I would probably update these lists later on this year. Let me know who are you favourite E-Girls members below!

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