9 Percent (Idol Producer)

I know, I know, I am late to the party but better late than never! For those who do not know, “Idol Producer” was a Chinese survival competition show that aired earlier this year. There was a lot of controversy surrounding the show because its format blatantly copied “Produce 101.” Even the editing and transitions in the show were similar. It was like a carbon copy. MNET announced that this show was made without their permission and they would be seeking legal action. I am not too sure what came of that incident.

Despite this, the show was popular in the Chinese and international community. I avidly followed the show while it was airing and loved almost every moment of it.  While it was a bit harder for me to learn about some of the contestants due to the lack of background information on the trainees, and my lack of ability to remember names, I still had my favourites in the show. Also, I loved the comradery in the show. I found that the contestants were more supportive of each other, even though it was a competition.

Another reason why I loved the show is that international fans had the opportunity to vote for their favourite contestants. All you had to do is know how to navigate through the Chinese app and website, and there were many translated YouTube videos showing you how to do that. I abused this privilege. In my opinion, this gave “Idol Producer” one point over “Produce 101,” which barred international votes.

Anyway, getting to the purpose of this post, at the end of the series 9 winners were chosen to form the new boy group, “9 Percent.” I am more or less happy about the finalists who made the cut. Though, I had some favourites who narrowly missed the mark. My comments about the final lineup and each finalist are featured below:

  1. You Zhangjing

I will admit that I was not very happy about this choice. I was hoping Qian Zhenghao or Bu Fan got this spot. Zhangjing did not stand out to me at all during the series. However, as I follow the group I expect him to grow on me, just like Jinyoung and Sungwoon of Wanna One did.

  1. Xiao Gui

You can’t miss him with that hairstyle. I love how he is such a great rapper AND singer. I admire versatile idols such as Xiao Gui. He’s also really cute and smol. We must love him.

  1. Wang Ziyi

YES! He was one of my favourite rappers of the show. It is BBT Wang Ziyi! When he raps, he looks like such a badass, but this boy cried so much during the show. He is such a delicate flower. We must protect him! There was also a lot of online hate towards him during the show. It broke him, but I am glad he made it through the end.

  1. Zhu Zhengting

I was actually surprised that he did not rank higher. At the beginning of the series, he was in second place and often contested Cai Xukun for his top spot. He is another innocent looking member but has amazing dance skills. I am glad that he made it into the group.

  1. Lin Yanjun

This one surprised me. He started getting popular around the latter half of the show. I did not really pay attention to him, but I think he fits in the group.

  1. Justin

I really liked him since “Produce 101 Season 2”. I was sad when he was eliminated but I am so happy that he was chosen this time around! He also improved (and grew) since “Produce 101.”

  1. Fan Chengcheng

They constantly made jokes about him gaining weight throughout the show and about his famous sister Fan Binbing (actress). He looks delicate but was one of the best rappers of the show. He brings a different rap style to this group that is full of rappers.

  1. Chen Linong

He’s such a great singer and is such a cutie! I am so glad Nongnong made it! He is so sweet! I am interested to see what concept or image this group takes on. Nongnong is shy and cute, while many of the group members have stronger demeanours. I am curious to see how they will balance the difference in personas.

  1. Cai Xukun

Kunkun was my favourite in this competition. He was also one of the most popular members. While I am not surprised he grabbed the centre position, he deserves it 100 percent. He was perfect at almost everything, including song, dance, and rap. He was strong from the first episode of the series. He always snagged the number one position (omitting live votes), excluding one-time Chen Linong beat him earlier on in the series.

Those were my brief opinions on the finalists of “Idol Producer.” Do not be afraid to start a conversation! Did you watch the show? What did you think of the finalists? Did your favourites make it? The official “Produce 101 China” is currently airing. I plan to make a post about my favourite contestants, so look out for it!

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