JKPOP Age Lines (’94-Line)

Finally, it is time to feature the idols that share the same birth year as me! These Korean and Japanese idols will be turning 24 years old (international age) this year!

Also, you can check out the featured idols from previous age-line posts!

Kai (EXO): Kai used to be my favourite EXO member, but that interest quickly dwindled. It is hard to imagine he is the same age as me. Sometimes, he looks older, especially when performing on stage.


Iikubo Haruna (Morning Musume ’18): Honey is the oldest member of Morning Musume. It is hard to forget that since she is also one of the tallest members of the group. She is very mature for her age, but still lacks a lot of skill compared to her younger peers.


J-Hope (Bangtan Boys): He is such a ray of sunshine. He is so sweet but turns into a beast on stage. J-Hope is another member that I forget is the same age as me. Despite his cheeky personality, he still seems much more mature than me. Maybe, I am just a childish person (LOL).



Wada Hayate (Da-iCE): This one was a surprise to me. Hayate looks so old! Just like many others in the ’94-line, he is talented in dance.


Wonpil (DAY6): Wonpil was a slight surprise to me. I thought that he was younger than me because of his higher pitched voice and baby-like face. It is hard to believe that he is the same age as idols like RM (BTS), Minzy, and Yezi.


Washio Reina (Flower/E-Girls): She is my favourite member of Flower and one of my favourite members of E-Girls. I talk about this more in my E-Girls and Flower ranking posts. She has a rich and developed voice that makes her seem older than she really is.


Minzy: She is the queen of sexy dances, because of this she often seems older than her actual age. It is hard to imagine that Minzy and Iikubo Haruna (Morning Musume ‘18), Wada Ayaka (ANGERME), and Hyojung (Oh My Girl) are the same age! This shows the power of concepts and group images!


Wada Ayaka (ANGERME): She is another sweetheart and a bit on the crazy side, but that is a good thing! She keeps up the high spirits in ANGERME and knows how to relate to the younger members of her group and Hello Project. This sometimes makes her seem young, but she is actually twenty-three years old!


JB (GOT7): He always seems to wear a serious countenance, which ages him. He is also a very serious and dedicated leader. This is the reason why so many fans, including me, love him!


Katayose Ryota (GENERATIONS): All the members of GENERATIONS look older than me, so this came as a surprise. My curiosity in Ryota has been increasing lately with the release of “F.L.Y. BOYS F.L.Y. GIRLS.” I will keep looking out for him in the future.


Seulgi (Red Velvet): Red Velvet concepts vary. There are sometimes more upbeat and vivacious concepts such as “Happiness,” “Red Flavour,” and “Ice Cream Cake” or more sophisticated concepts such as “Automatic,” “Be Natural,” and “Peek-a-Boo.” I am not too sure if these more mature themes fit the maknae, Yeri, but they do suit the older members like Seulgi.


Miyazaki Yuka (Juice=Juice): Yuka is currently the oldest active member of Hello Project. That is hard to believe due to her youthful appearance and lighter voice. Although she is the oldest and is the leader of Juice=Juice, I prefer seeing Yuka with a younger concept. It was a bit weird seeing her in Juice=Juice’s “Sexy Sexy.” The younger members Takagi Sayuki (21), Uemura Akari (19), and Dambara Ruru (17) did a much better job portraying the sexy concept. My suggestion to Yuka is to hold onto her youth.


Taeil (NCT): He is the oldest member of NCT but somehow looks like one of the younger members. If I did not know about the NCT members and the subunits, I would have placed him in NCT Dream. I really wish I had his ability to look so young.


Watanabe Mayu (ex-AKB48): I miss her so much! She was my favourite member of AKB48! The group had a mixture of concepts throughout the years. Fans complained that AKB48’s songs and music videos were sometimes too racy for the younger members. Although Mayu is 24 years old, she has a young face and pure appearance. Seeing her in those so-called “racy” and controversial music videos, such as “Heavy Rotation,” was a bit of a turn-off. This is because I see her face, and my mind automatically thinks “too young,” even though she is the same age as me.


Seungyoon (WINNER): It is funny that he is the leader AND maknae of the group. It was a similar case with 2NE1’s CL right before the group’s disbandment. Seungyoon has a soulful voice that you can drown in. With a voice like that, it is hard to forget that he is a big kid!


Suzuki Airi: Have you seen Airi’s latest YouTube video? She is a mad hatter! She is a ball full of energy. I wish I had that same amount of energy. Maybe, I would post on this blog more often.

Airi was one of Hello Project’s best singers. I am glad that she decided to go solo. She needs to continue to show off her talents! Airi’s first album, “Do Me A Favor” will be released on June 6, 2018! She has already released some music videos to promote the album. Check them out below!

Aren’t 94-liners wonderful? I am totally biased. There were not many surprises this time around since I closely follow the ’94 line. These are only a few idols that are part of the ’94-line. These idols and more are featured in the slideshow below. Next time, we will look at the idols born in 1995!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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