Produce 101 China

Notice: If you are watching this show, please be aware that this post may contain spoilers. Read at your discretion!

The official Chinese version of “Produce 101” is currently airing. As an avid survival show watcher, I felt obligated to closely follow this new series. Only six episodes have aired so far (I watched four of them), but I am already intrigued by the show and the contestants. The show is a bit different than the past two “Produce 101” shows. One major difference so far is the first elimination round. Usually, the letter ranks are dropped after the first elimination round. However, these letter ranks are integral parts of the elimination process. I am really eager to see what other changes have been made in the show.

I love the mentors for the show. They include some of my favourite Chinese artists such as Tiger Hu, Show Lu, and Ella. Former EXO member Tao is the “Nation’s Producer” and host of the show. While watching the show, I find myself unconsciously comparing him and his MCing skills to Lay, who is a current member of EXO and the MC for “Idol Producer”.

The girls in this show are more supportive and close to each other than the girls of the first Produce 101 show in 2016. I am still learning about each contestant, but I already have my favourites. The following list presents my favourite participants of “Produce 101 China.” These are some of the girls that I hope will make it in the final group.


11. Wu Xuan Yi (Yuehua Entertainment)

Xuan Yi is a member of KPOP group, WJSN Cosmic Girls. While I like some of WJSN’s songs, I do not actively follow the members. I know about Yeon Jung from her “Produce 101” and I.O.I days, and EXY from her “Unpretty Rapstar” days. Recently, Cheng Xiao has popped up on my radar due to her involvement in “Idol Producer” as a mentor. However, I know almost nothing about Xuan Yi. She is confident, which is an asset at times, but it can also be her downfall (as seen in episode three). She is also very popular among fans, taking the centre position during the first elimination round. While I think she is a good candidate for the group, I think I prefer to see her in WJSN rather than this new group.

10. Yang Chaoyue (Wenlan Culture)

This girl is so crazy, I love it. She is one of the most real members of the show. She cries so much but her reactions and facial expressions are very comical. She still has a lot to learn but she is an underdog. She has the potential to take on the centre position in the group. She recognizes her weaknesses and works hard to improve. She lacks a lot of confidence, but I am glad that she is getting a lot of support from the fans! I am rooting for her!


9. Wang Ju (Individual Trainee)

Wang Ju participated in the auditions as an extra trainee who can potentially boot out one of the contestants. Initially, she was not chosen but 3unshine’s Abby left the show and Wang Ju took her spot. I was over the roof when this happened. Not only is she so gorgeous (girl crush!) but she is majorly talented for someone who has little to no training. She previously worked as an agent for models, but this girl can dance, sing and rap! She is all-rounded. Unfortunately, she is one of the least popular participants in the show. I hope her popularity and screen time increases soon!


8. Qiang Dongyue (Banana Entertainment)

She is so pretty and dainty! My interest in Dongyue piqued in the third episode with her unique and traditional vocal performance during the live show. I expect her to last until the last episode. She has a big enough following for the support!


7. Gao Quizi (Babyou Entertainment)

She is bigger in size than some of the other contestants. Of course, she is much smaller than me but we all know that the beauty standards in the Eastern entertainment company are unhealthy and too high. She is another contestant that has an authentic image and personality. She is also hilarious and makes a lot of jokes. I just wish some of them were not self-deprecating.


6. Duan Aojuan (Long Loutian Culture)

She is another contestant that is on the “larger side,” well according to industry standards. I think she looks beautiful. Her voice is so enticing! It is like honey and milk. It is smooth but draws you in.


5. Li Ziuxan (OACA)

I really felt it for her when she started crying during her vocal class with Ella. I know what nerves and a lack of confidence can do to you. Due to this common understanding, I started rooting for her. What I also like about her is that she looks so shy and reserved, but when she starts to dance, she controls the whole room. Her powerful dancing contrasts her feeble appearance.


4. Re Yina (Esee Model Managment)

At first, I did not like her. She seemed cold and pompous. She acts childish for her age. I did not think she deserved to A class placement during the auditions. I was a bit smug when she was placed in the F class after re-evaluation. Yina eventually grew on me. She lacks a lot of skills, but I always admire hard workers.


3. Chen Kimberley (Universal Music Taiwan)

Kimberley (Fangyu) is well-known for her song “Ai Ni,” which is one of my favourite Chinese songs. She is high on my list because she is one of the contestants that I was familiar with before the show’s airing. She is also a great leader and a nice person. She has a spunky attitude, which brings some personality to the show. I love it when she switches between English and Mandarin. You know how I get with multilingual people. They are living my dream. Personally, I think that she should be one of the contenders for the top spot because of her talent and diligence.


2. Yamy (JC Universe Entertainment)

She reminds me of Yezi from FIESTAR and LE from EXID. She also reminds me of Xiao Gui from “Idol Producer.” Many fans share this sentiment. I have such a girl crush on her. She is multitalented. She can rap, sing and dance. As usual, I am drawn to female rappers. She is another contestant that is honest with her feelings and thoughts and is not afraid to speak her mind. I love her charisma!


1. Sunnee (K-L Entertainment)

She is another person with charisma! She reminds me of f(x)’s Amber. They are both multi-talented and have an androgynous appearance. She is yet another girl crush of mine. I seem to have a lot of them on this show. She is a great singer and performer. She is also very supportive and friendly with the other contestants in the show.

Those are my favourite members of the show, so far. I am sure this list will change as the series progresses. I am excited to see who the 11 finalists will be! Who are your favourites in the show? Let me know in the comment section!


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