Hello! Project x Produce 101

Produce 101 China is currently airing and Produce 48, featuring Japanese and Korean trainees, will begin on June 15, 2018. The Produce 101 franchise which began in 2016 has already crossed borders. With all the excitement surrounding these new shows, a few international H!P fans, including myself, are wondering which H!P members would fare well in the Produce 101 competition.

Like many reality survival shows, Produce 101 contestants require skill, persistence, and attractive qualities to win over the viewers that will be voting for them. The list that follows is my choices for the best candidates for the Produce 101 series. I believe that by some miracle, the girls are placed in a Produce 101 show, these members would excel.

Morning Musume ‘18

Fukumura Mizuki

Mizuki is popular among Japanese and international fans. She is one of the best vocalists of Morning Musume and has an attractive physique and softer personality that draws fans in. I think she would quickly become a fan favourite. Would she be among one of the 11 finalists? That is a question that is still up in the air.

Sato Masaki

Masaki has soared in popularity lately. Her live performance skills have also improved phenomenally. These skills will help her excel in a show like this as contestants will often have to perform on stage for live votes. I can see Masaki getting a lot of live votes and saving all the fellow members of her team from elimination.

Oda Sakura

This girl is good at almost anything. In my opinion, she is currently Hello! Project’s finest and most versatile vocalist. This versatility can come in handy for the concept challenge where the girls have to choose (or is placed depending on your rankings) in groups that have to perform new songs that follow different concepts such as “girl crush” or “cute” concepts. Sakura will flourish at this stage and will gain a lot of fans due to her high vocal skills.


Takeuchi Akari

Produce 101 China’s Sunnee actually reminds me of Akari. They both have this “tomboy” image and have amazing singing skills. Sunnee is pretty popular right now and I can see the same happening for Akari. Not to mention, she is also a great dancer. You cannot deny the all-rounded nature of Take-chan!

Murota Mizuki

Mizuki has already gone viral TWICE, so many people already know about her. This gives her an advantage. Imagine her getting promoted and endorsed by TWICE during her one-minute promo video! Okay, maybe I am getting ahead of myself, but Mizuki also has talent. Did you not hear her high-note in her debut song? Give this girl a centre position!

Sasaki Rikako

Rikako is another member who might contest for the centre position. While her singing skills are still lacking, her dancing and her bubbly and comical character will make her popular. She has a similar personality to Somi, the final centre position of the first Produce 101 show and I.O.I.


Takagi Sayuki

I question whether Sayuki will ever want to join a show like this. She is one of Hello! Project’s best singers and would quickly beat out the other contestants if the show was based on singing ability alone. Sadly, I do not see her advancing too far in the competition due to lack of popularity. The sad case with many shows like this is that even talented people are eliminated early on due to lack of popularity.

Uemura Akari

I am going to be real with this one. One reason why I think Akari will do well in this show is that of her sex appeal. I am not saying that she is not talented, but I believe that many viewers, including Korean viewers, will be drawn to Akari’s good looks. I can see her being the visual of the final group.

Dambara Ruru

This girl has vocals! Ruru is on my list for similar reasons as Sakura. She has the voice and stage presence that stands out above the rest. This ability will not go unnoticed, and after seeing her in Juice=Juice’s “SEXY SEXY,” I know she can do well in a sexy concept.

Kobushi Factory

Hamaura Ayano

Honestly, I question whether Ayano will do well on a survival series, but I still decided to include her in my list. She is a proficient performer and I know how hard she works. She has improved so much since her Kenshuusei days! However, I do not think that she will make in the final group.

Tsubaki Factory

Kishimoto Yumeno

Again, I have included one of H!P’s best vocalists. This girl can hold a note! I can imagine her being like I.O.I’s Yeonjung or Wanna One’s Jaehwan. She will be singing all the high notes and carrying the group with her amazing vocal talent!

Asakura Kiki

Similar to Rikako, I can see many fans being interested in Kiki because of her cute face and bubbly persona. She puts her all into everything she does. If she ever competes in a survival show, I know viewers will be inspired by her dedication. I just hope she stays healthy and does not overdo it!

Soloists and New Group Members

Inaba Manaka

I am not a huge fan of Manaka’s singing, but I know she can hold down the stage. Particularly, I can see her excelling during the position challenge where contestants show off their rap, vocal or dance skills during a live performance. I think Manaka will choose the dance category and will outshine the rest of her teammates.

Kiyono Momohime

Likewise, Momohime would also excel in the dance category. She is also really pretty and looks really mature for her age. I can see her getting a lot of fans. I believe that she can be among the 11 finalists that will form the new group.


Those are the girls that I think will excel in the Produce 101 franchise. Survival shows are very popular these days, and I know that H!P are jumping onto trends these days (just listen to the change of their musical style). With the collaboration between the KPOP and AKB franchise for “Produce 48,” I wonder if Hello! Project will ever follow a similar venture. Let me know of your choice of girls who you think will excel in Produce 101, or any reality survival show!


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