Kenshuusei Debuts: New Group Members Announced!

There has been a lot going on in the Hello Project world lately. One of the most significant announcements relates the two mysterious groups set to debut later this year. At the last Kenshuusei recital, Makato announced that six Kenshuusei members will be debuting in the new “Performance” group, led by Ichioka Reina, and new “Theatre” group with Takase Kurumi and Kiyono Momohime. The debuting members are as follows:

Performance Group:

Shimakura Rika

Nishida Shiroi

Eguchi Saya

Theatre Group:

Maeda Kokoro

Yamazaki Yuhane

Okamura Minami

There is also an announcement on the official website. More members will be added to the group following the completion of the “ONLY YOU” audition.

I am not sure how to feel about this announcement yet. I am beyond elated that H!P is finally releasing news and making progress with these new groups. It has been a year since a new group was announced, and they are only now deciding on the members for this group. It has been a painstakingly long time.

Some of my favourite members such as Yuhane, Kokoro, Rika and Shiroi can finally debut. The performance group seems somewhat stable. Shiroi and Rika are both excellent singers, while Saya is a skilled dancer. These are great elements for a performance group, but I wonder if this group’s members (inclusive of Reina), can gel well together. I am curious to see the additional members that come from this audition. At the moment, I can see Saya excelling as a fan favourite because of her dance skills and good looks.

The theatre group is where it is at. I am slightly disappointed that they will be focusing on theatre more than live performances and music. This group would have excelled as a performance group. ALL the members, including Kurumi and Momohime, are great live performers. In the initial announcement, the company noted that this group would also perform as a general group from time to time, so I look forward to that.

I am sad that Inoue Hikaru, who left Hello Project a few weeks ago, would not be in any of these groups as I envisioned. I also hoped that Ono Kotomi, Noguchi Kurumi, and Horie Kizuki would have debuted. I also think that it is time for Hashisako Rin, Kanatsu Mizuki, and Yonemura Kirara to debut. I only hope that these members do not make the decision that Hikaru made and wait a bit longer. There is still potential for them to join these groups through the audition, and there are future openings in Morning Musume ’18 and ANGERME.

I am still also hoping for a second generation for Kobushi Factory. I can see Kotomi, Kizuki and Kurumi joining this group.

I look forward to seeing the final results of each group and their performances during the summer tour. Congratulations to the newly debuted members!

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