Tsubaki Factory’s 4th Single Music Video Review

Today, Tsubaki Factory released their 4th single, “Date no Hi wa Nido Kurai Shower Shite Dekaketai/Junjou cm/Kon’ya Dake Ukaretakatta.” I will be briefly reviewing the promotion edit videos that were released on their official YouTube Channel.

Date no Hi wa Nido Kurai Shower Shite Dekaketai

“On a Date, I’d Like to Shower at Least Twice and Go”

Song: 4/5
Music Video: 3.5/5
Choreography: 4/5

This song wins the awards for the weirdest title and lyrics. Then again, it was written by Tsunku, so this should be no surprise. The song title has become a meme among international Hello Project fans.

This is my favourite song of the triple A-side single, and my second favourite music video of the three.


It is your typical H!P upbeat romance song, but the real reason I love it is due to the back and forth line distribution. This is most evident in the chorus where one group of girls sing a part of a line, and another group follows right in succession with the rest of the line. The single has not even been released as yet, and I already find myself humming the chorus at the most random times.

It is a Risa-centered song and video, which is perfect because her softer voice fits best. I can also imagine Risa being a sweet and cute partner for a date.


I am happy that the music video included some drama scenes that depicted the viewers were on dates with a shy Risa and a smiling Kiki. I am just disappointed that there was not more of these scenes. These scenes were scarce and did not flow well with the rest of the video. This made the video less cohesive and left me wanting more. This was a missed opportunity to enhance the music video.

Other than the dramas scenes, there were the usual dance and close up shots. I am getting really tired of these all-white outfits, Hello Project. I hoped to see more colours for a summer single, but of course, they defaulted to the typical white skirts and tops. I liked the style of the outfits. I just wish that they were not white.

On the plus side, Mao caught my eye throughout the whole video. She was so elegant and beautiful!

Also, Kiki in heels is my muse.

It took me a while to notice Ami or Riko. They were not really present in the song or video.


This is one of Tsubaki Factory’s best choreographies. There was a mix of grand arm movements followed by smaller and more intricate movements. The sheer white fabric tied to their hands flowed with their arms and enhanced the visual aesthetics of the dance. There was a lot of spinning, and during the dance break, Yumeno also did a graceful fall with the assistance of Risa and Kisora. The choreography was almost balletic.

This music video has me reminiscent of Juice=Juice’s “Dream Road ~Kokoro ga Odoridashiteru~. For both videos, I loved the song, but there was so much more potential for the music video. The Director could have done a lot more with the drama scenes but fell short by only including them as visual inserts. Who knows, maybe there is more to these scenes in the full (non-promotion) music video.

Junjou cm

“Innocent cm”

Song: 3.5/5
Music Video: 4/5
Choreography: 4/5

“Junjou cm” is not only a unique name but also a one-of-a-kind concept. At first, I thought the “cm” in the song name related to rulers. I thought that the lyrics of the song would compare height and love, or maybe follow a school romance theme.

I was wrong, but not entirely, the concept still related to measurement but in the form of cameras and image quality. This song is at the bottom of my favourites for this single. I am not saying that it is terrible, but the song is not memorable to me. The music video, however, is my second favourite of the single.


This song does not quite do it for me. It is not as memorable as the other two songs, and it is a bit dramatic. The song started off just right with my two favourite members Yumeno and Mizuho, but I do not remember much after that.

The lyrics are better and more understandable than the lyrics for the first song in the triple-A side single. As the title suggests, the words talk about the innocence and the pure thoughts that someone has when they are in love.

Risa has a spoken part near the end of the song. Her soft-spoken voice has once again blessed the hearts of wota and fans all over the world. When I do purchase the single, I am sure that I will have that part of the song on repeat. Can you tell that I am turning into a big Risamaru fan?

Also, near the end of the song, is a high note from Kiki, or what I thought would be a high note. It was actually a disappointing medium-range and electronically chopped up note. I do not mean to hate, but that turned me off. It was a bit unbearable listening to it.


Those of you that have read my past music video reviews know how much I love bright sets, so the setting for this music video was an A+. The windows at the back of the dance shot scene also embellish the set by casting beautiful shadows on the floor. These shadows are also seen in the scenes where the girls pose in front of the camera. This all relates to the theme as shadows and lighting are both significant assets of photography.

The video had ruler borders which also suit the camera and measurement theme. I thought that was a cute and innovative inclusion in the video.

Another part of the video that caught my heart was the freeze frame or mannequin shots. As shown in the gif above, the girls move into a pose as if they were in a photo shoot and then the scene quickly changes to them doing another pose. That was a quirky “so you thought” scene where you were tricked (for lack of a better word) into expecting one thing but was surprised with something else. I appreciate small edits like that.

I would also like to take some time to appreciate Saori. I could not take my eyes off of her during the video, and she is my least favourite member!

Sadly, even in this video, there was a lack of Riko.

Can I just say that I LOVE their outfits? Not only are they not white but they are also cute and bright to match the summer. Also, I loved how they divided the girls into mini groups by colours for group dance shot scenes.


For some reason, I really want to learn this choreography, which is probably a bad idea for a left-footed and uncoordinated person like myself. It is a bit of a feminine dance with some edge. The dance contrasts the light-weighted lyrics, which worked in Tsubaki’s favour this time around.

This song is evidence of how Tsubaki Factory has grown and improved. They have gotten much better at dancing, singing, and performing live since their formation in 2015. I hope they continue to go up from here.

Kon’ya Dake Ukaretakatta

“Only for Tonight, I Wanted to be Playful”

Song: 4/5
Music Video: 5/5
Choreography: N/A

This seems to be everyone’s favourite song of the triple A-side single. I do not blame them; this song is fantastic and addictive. The music video is my favourite out of the three. This is my second favourite song from the single.


This song reminds me of S/mileage’s “Uchoten LOVE.” I am not sure if “Kon’ya Dake Ukaretakatta” is a ska song, but it sounds a lot like it. It also similar to Minimoni’s “Himamatsuri” because of the sound and festival concept.

Usually, high-pitched Vocaloid singing would annoy me to the day’s end, but it fits this tune perfectly. If “Teion Yakedo” is Tsubaki’s winter song, and “Shunrenka” is their spring song, then “Kon’ya Dake Ukaretakatta” is their summer song. It is a cheerful and refreshing song that is perfect for the season. All they need is an autumn one! My fingers are crossed for an October comeback!

Since when was Tsubaki Factory a vocal powerhouse group? The high notes near the middle and end of the song by Yumeno, Kiki, Saori and Mizuho blew me away. I was shook. As I mentioned above, Saori is my least favourite member of the group. However, this comeback has proven to me that I should be paying more attention to her. She apparently has the talent!


I love this music video. The first great thing about it is that it was not a pure performance video. This director, Morita Ryo, knows how to utilize drama scenes effectively. There were scenes of the girls bonding, enjoying summer, and the festival. These shots were engaging and were the focus of the video. They were not slackly sprinkled throughout the video as visual scenes.

During these parts, the girls would sometimes break away from whatever they were doing and sing to their part of the song. That is excellent editing and innovation at its best. As I said, I appreciate the small details such as these. This is what “Date no Hi wa Nido Kurai Shower Shite Dekaketai” missed out on.

The yukata that everyone wore was beautiful. Hello Project has been really investing in Tsubaki Factory.

I also liked the secondary outfits for the dance shot. They were off-theme, disco-like, and very “kira kira” but they still were attractive.

Yet again, I was disappointed by the lack of Riko in this video and track. It makes me question if she is actually the leader of this group.


I feel like I did not see enough of the choreography to make a judgement on it. I cannot wait to see a live or dance performance of this song!

Tsubaki Factory continues to impress me. They have grown from not being able to properly hold down a stage to one of the best-selling groups in Hello Project. This single was a hit, and I hope they continue to shine in the future!


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