Gugudan’s SEMINA Music Video Review

Sejeong, Mina, and Nayoung of Gugudan have come together to form Gugudan’s second subunit, SEMINA. As you can tell, the group name comes from the first syllable of each member’s name. They recently released the single and music video for their self-titled summer track.

I do not know much about Gugudan. I am not a big fan of the group even though I listen to some of their songs. Actually, the members of SEMINA, are the only members of Gugudan (excluding Sally) that I can recognize. This is because they are the same members that participated in Season One of Produce 101. Their audition song “Something New” (original by Nikki Yanofsky) is playing in my head as I write this post.

What initially attracted me to this subunit is the fact that Gugudan’s best dancer and two best vocalists were grouped together. I am not too sure about Nayoung, but Sejeong and Mina are two favourite members, which built up hype for the group. Also, seeing that they are all past Produce 101 contestants, it was the right timing for promotions since Produce 48 (the third season of the series) is currently airing.

With all this in mind, I decided to watch the music video, and boy, did I LOVE it! I was taken by surprise! The song is a bright and summery track. I dare you to listen to this song. I will be surprised if you do not find yourself bobbing and shaking your body to the music. It is a summer song with a smooth beat to groove along with and a lively chorus. I found myself singing “saemina saemina” (jealous) and “utjana utjana” (smiling) every time the chorus rolled around.

What really surprised me is that the music video captured my interest from beginning to end. Trust me, these days it is hard to retain my interest in music videos unless it is one of my bias groups or if there is a good story line. It takes a lot for a performance music video to keep me engaged.

However, this bright summer video was the antidote I needed for my stressful and dreary week. Even though there was not a clear storyline, it seems that each girl wanted to escape from their everyday lives and have fun together on a trip and at the pool.

Sejeong left the auto shop.

Mina closed up her shop with a grammatically incorrect sign (I am not judging)!

Nayoung took a break from her dreary workout routine.

Can I also add that all the girls looked dazzling in this video?

Sejeong “drove” to meet the girls. Well, we see Sejeong in the car at the mechanic, and then we see her appear at her destination. We did not actually see her drive the car, which disappointed me a bit. I have no idea why I wanted to see her drive that badly. Does she even have her license?

This music video has all the elements for a great summer hit. A pool, bright colours, an upbeat song, some source of relaxation, and fun dancing. Speaking of the choreography, I love it as much as I love the song. My favourite part is during the chorus where they incorporated the coloured microphones. Part of me questioned why they were using microphones near bodies of water, and in places where it does not fit the theme, but it enhanced the dance and the vibrancy of the music video.

Another favourite point of the video was the synchronized looks at the end. They just had to kill me off one last time before the video ended.

All in all, this is a fun summer song. Even though Sistar disbanded, there are still groups that release great summer hits. I highly recommend checking the music video out if you have not done so as yet. It is a bop that is worth listening to again and again!


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