[TOP 100] My Favourite Chinese Songs (2018)

Every year, I have been sharing my favourite Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Up-Front Agency songs. I have already released an updated list of my favoured Japanese songs and a bonus list of my top 50 English songs.

This time, I have compiled an updated list of my “TOP 100 Chinese Songs.” This list is very different from last year with many new songs and changes in ranks. Check it out below, and do not hesitate to let me know which Chinese songs are your favourites! I would be happy to learn about more C-POP artists, so let me know if you have any suggestions for other artists that I should be listening to!

Be on the lookout for my next list, “TOP 50 Korean Songs!”


No. Song Artist
100 Shout N’ Cry Robynn & Kendy
99 Hello School ACEMAX-RED
98 You Saw Yep Girls
97 Catfight aMEI (feat. Eve Ai & Lala Hsu)
96 V.I.P Cecilia Lam
95 Tag Me Kimberley Chen
94 A Fei Yu A Ji ToNick
93 Give Me A Chance Tiger Hu
92 Sheng Cun Zhi Nan 831 (feat. Richie Jen & AShin)
91 Dr. Jolin Jolin Tsai
90 Your Song Luhan
89 Why Should This Be Xu Jiahui
88 No Regrets Angela Chang
87 Zue Zuo Cheng Shi Bakerie
85 GPS Meifeng Ling Ladybees
84 In Our Name X NINE
83 Monster EXO
82 You Say I Say (Words We Speak) Coke Lee
81 Shouldn’t Be Jay Chou (feat. aMEI)
80 My New Swag Vava (feat. Ty & Nina Wang)
79 Red Blue Stella Chow
78 Five Tone Scale Seven Sense
77 Guimi Cheng Boo Like Girls
76 What’s Wrong Jay Chou (feat. Cindy Yen)
75 Agent J Jolin Tsai
74 Be Myself Jane Zhang
73 Curve Jasper Tang
72 Black White (AB) Z.Tao
71 Crazy UZ
70 Let’s Talk About Love Shishi
69 Mask Lay
68 Heartbeat G.E.M
67 I Wanna Get Love Cai Xukun
66 Rapstar Vava
65 Queendom Vinida
64 On the Road to Happiness Christine Fan
63 Natural High Della (feat. Magic Power)
62 Despicable You Tia Ray
61 Adventure Time – Luhan
60 That Good Good Luhan
59 Own the Day JJ Lin (ft. Moe)
58 Stranger in the North Namewee (ft. Leehom Wang)
57 Shuai Dao Fenshou Nick Chou
56 We Young NCT Dream
55 Zi Shi Ze Zhang Bichen
54 Catch Your Double Eye Bii
53 Luv Me Luv Me Sharon Kwan
52 Knowing Myself Shiny
51 This is Not the Love I’m Looking For Men Envy Children
50 Peach Blossom By2
49 Love No Reason io
48 Yan Yuan Jacky Xue
47 Candy Meng Jia
46 Drip Meng Jia
45 Brotherhood Mayday
44 Ai Ni Kimberley Chen
43 How Have You Been Eric Chou
42 Party Animal Mayday
41 Blindspot G.E.M
40 Hat Trick Wei Chen (Vision Wei)
39 Let Go Show Luo
38 Liar UZ
37 Circling N.P.E (Nine Point Eight)
36 Soda Danni
35 Pick Me Produce 101 China
34 I Love I Embrace Jolin Tsai
33 Fantasy Show Luo
32 Roof on Fire Victoria
31 One Breath Jay Chou
30 Beat Don’t Stop Lemon First
29 Without You NCT U
28 Be My Lady (Remix) Nick Chou
27 Shake Lay
26 Turn Up Nick Chou
25 Breakfast in Bed Sammi Cheng
24 Me vs Me Ella
23 Handsome Guy Amber An (feat. Show Luo)
22 Love Doesn’t Need to Pretend R-Chord (feat. Diana Wang)
21 This is Me Three People
20 The Great Artist Jolin Tsai
19 Gotta Give Me io
18 I’m Not Yours Jolin Tsai (feat. Namie Amuro)
17 Snowstorm Jess Lee
16 PPAP Idol Producer  (Team A)
15 Play Jolin Tsai
14 Ei Ei Idol Producer
13 Go Angela Chang
12 Goodbye G.E.M
11 No Reason By2
10 My Sky NZBZ
9 Sheep Lay
8 He Isn’t Worthy Shi Shi
7 Therefore G.E.M
6 Away G.E.M
5 Universe EXO
4 Why Not Love Rosie Yang (feat. Ryan Yu)
3 Last Shot Chen Zi Tong
2 Heartbeat Diana Wang
1 Miracles in December EXO


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