Most Played KPOP Songs (2018)

Three years ago, I posted a list of my most played KPOP songs. Since then, my favourites and tastes have changed, new songs were released, and older songs were forgotten. Also, I frequently reset the play counts of all my music. My mood still continues to be the most significant influence on what music I listen to. 

Check out the list of my top 10 most played KPOP songs!

10. Bling Bling by iKON (74 times)

This song is da bomb! This is a song I listen to when I want to get hyped! When I hear this song, I stop whatever I am doing and do the arm-swaying choreography during the chorus.

9. Ko Ko Bop by EXO (79 times)

Gosh, when this song was released, I could not stand it. It made no sense to me until I read the English translation of the lyrics. Somehow, this song crept into my favourites, and I found myself listening to it on a continuous loop.

8. DNA by BTS (80 times)

I am in shock that this is the only BTS song on this list. Can I really call myself a true ARMY? This is another song that took some getting used to. Not that I did not like it, but it did not live up to the awesomeness of “Blood, Sweat & Tears.” Nevertheless, in true ARMY spirit, I had this song on repeat for months.

7. I Don’t Love You by Urban Zakapa (83 times)

I keep telling myself that I do not like ballads, but they always seem to find themselves on my favourites list. I should not be listening to this song when I am sad or upset, but I do, and it makes me feel worse. It is still a fantastic song though.

6. Red Flavour by Red Velvet (84 times)

LOVE. THIS. SONG. This is another song that lifts my spirits. It is fun, festive and cheerful. The choreography may not be easy to follow along to, but that does not stop me from doing it (or maybe all the wrong moves). I have been listening to this song even more since the summer started.

5. Me Like Yuh by Jay Park (feat. Hoody) (89 times)

This is the Korean version of the song and the first Jay Park song on this list. This song gets its inspiration from Caribbean music, which is a close hit to home for me. This is one reason why I listen to the song so much. The other reason is that I just love Jay Park and the sexy choreography in Hoody’s part. Yes, I do attempt to do the choreography alone in my room. Yes, I do fail every time.

4. All I Wanna Do by Jay Park (feat. Hoody & Loco) (92 times)

This is the Korean version of the song. Yet again, Jay Park is featured in this list. I am surprised that I am not tired of this song. Sometimes, I listen to this song to help me feel more confident about myself or something I am doing.

3. Across the Universe by Baek Yerin (93 times)

This is another ballad that I love. I can never get tired of this song or Yerin’s smooth vocals. Sometimes, I like to pretend I am in deeply in love while singing along with this song.

2. Really Really by WINNER (101 times)

There is a significant difference between the third and second place on this list. This shows how obsessed I was with this song! This was their comeback after a lengthy hiatus. I missed them so much! This is another song that hypes me up and is a good song to exercise to.

1. Mommae by Jay Park (feat. Ugly Duck) (115 times)

Yet another Jay Park song. What can I say? I really love Jay Park. This is another confidence-building song and a great exercise song as well. I recommend listening to this song for anyone wanting to feel a bit sexy and confident.

That is it for my list of most played KPOP songs! I will be releasing a list for CPOP, JPOP, and English songs in the future, so be on the lookout for them! What are some of your favourite or most played songs? Let me know in the comment section!

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