JKPOP Age Lines (’95-Line)

This time, we will be featuring the ’95-ers! These Japanese and Korean idols will be turning 23 years old (international age) this year!

Do not forget to check out the featured idols in past age-line posts!

Sato Taiki (EXILE/FANTASTICS): Previously, I noted that “EXILE” is synonymous to “older men.” Well, that is the case in my opinion, so it is shocking to see someone as young as Taiki in a group with men in their 30’s.

Jimin (BTS): Ah, here is my ultimate bias (along with B1A4’s CNU). Jimin never ceases to amaze me. Offstage, he can look so adorable, but when the lights dim, and he sets foot on the stage and performs hot damn, he looks sexy and mature. Jimin looked like a child when he debuted, but now, he is a whole man.

SAYAKA (Happiness): Gosh, I love this girl so much. She has so much talent and is the best dancer in Happiness and E-Girls. When I initially learnt about Sayaka, I was surprised to see she was younger than me. She exudes maturity, especially when she dances.

Jisoo (BLACKPINK): I am surprised that Jisoo is as old as she is. She looks young for her age. If I did not know any better, I would have tagged her as the maknae of the group. Jennie, Lisa and Rosé looks much older than her.

Iriyama Anna (AKB48): Recently, I have gotten more into AKB48. One of my favourite members is Iriyama Anna. She is stunning! How can you not fall for her smile! Despite being one of the older members of the group, it is sometimes hard to believe that she is a ’95-er!

S.Coups (Seventeen): S.Coups! He is my Seventeen bias wrecker. Can someone tell me why he is trying to compete for Vernon’s first place? Also, can someone explain to me how he is only 22 years old? Have you heard his deep voice? I am shook!

Taeyong (NCT): Another idol whose deep voice and strong features left me dazzled. I always have to remind myself that Taeyong is younger than me. His charisma is always high whenever he is on stage, and he is such a mom to his younger group members.

Ogura Yui (ex-Yuikaori): I know Yuikaori disbanded, and Yui is more active in the voice acting world, but I just had to include her in this list. If you have not heard a Yuikaori song, you should listen to one, like right now. I recommend either “Puppy Love” or “My Steady Boy.” Yui has one of the cutest and most high-pitched voices I have ever heard. She still sounds the same, so it is hard to believe that she is currently 22 years old! I guess her voice is what makes her so successful in the seiyuu industry.

Bobby (iKON): Just like Jimin, and most of the male idols on this list, Bobby is full of charisma on stage. However, he ages down and looks adorable every time he mentions or brings out his stuffed Pooh Bear doll.

Kanazawa Tomoko (Juice=Juice): Last on this list is Juice=Juice vocalist, Tomoko. She is one of Hello Project’s oldest active members. I love her voice. She is one of the reasons why Juice=Juice is known as the “vocal powerhouse” group of Hello Project. This girl could belt a note! Even when she was younger and just debuted, her voice was much more developed than her group members’ and even some of her senpai.

That’s it for my list of featured idols born in 1995. These idols and more are featured in the slideshow below. Next time, we will look at the idols born in 1996!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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