Most Played CPOP Songs (2018)

Recently, I shared lists of my most played KPOP and JPOP songs. For the first time, I will be sharing my list of my most played CPOP songs. Check it out below:

10. Hello School by ACEMAX-RED (35 times)

I am surprised this song made this list and not their other single, “MAXY.” I swore I listened to that song a lot more, but its play count is only 26 times. Nevertheless, “Hello School” is a sweet song that reminds me of music from groups like “Tsubaki Factory,” “G-Friend,” and “Oh My Girl.”

9. He Isn’t Worthy by Shi Shi (36 times)

This song was higher up on the list before I reset my play counts. It is so dramatic and one of my favourite songs to rock out to in my spare time.

8. Turn Up by Nick Chou (36 times)

Dancing to this song is so much fun! When I listen to it, I feel like I own the world, especially when he sings “everybody (x4) turn it up” and during the instrumental chorus.

7. Drip by Meng Jia (36 times)

I loved Jia when she was in Miss A, so only naturally, I followed her solo career as well. This was her first solo release after departing from Miss A. It was a banger! How can you not get up and dance when you hear this song? This song will do well at parties.

6. Last Shot by Chen Zi Tong (40 times)

If you read my “TOP 100 Chinese Songs” post, then you would know that this is one of my favourite songs. This song is inspiring, and I frequently listen to it when I need some motivation. Sadly, I have not heard anything else form Chen Zi Tong since she released this song in 2014.

5. I Love I Embrace by Jolin Tsai (42 times)

I know I said that I do not like ballads, but this song is from Jolin Tsai, so it is an exception. Anything she releases turn to gold. Before recently resetting my play count, many of her songs were my most played Chinese songs. This song gets me emotional, and since I am regularly a ball of emotions, I listen to it habitually.

4. Away by G.E.M (42 times)

This is another dramatic song. It is one of the first songs that I heard from G.E.M. Sometimes, I listen to this song when I am angry, which may be a good or bad thing. The dramatic crescendos may fuel my anger or wear me out to the point where I am not upset anymore. Either way, it is a boss song.

3. On the Road to Happiness by Christine Fan (43 times)

Like Yonezu Kenshi’s songs make me feel magical and capable, this song has the same effect on me. The music video has a lot of wide shots of the mountains, beaches, and more. I remember these scenes when I listen to this song and transport myself as far away from reality as possible.

2. Why Not Love by Rosie Yang (feat. Ryan Yu) (56 times)

This is a cute love song. The music video is even more adorable. Not only is it a great romance tune but it is also a slow-paced song that is easy to dance to. For a while, I was obsessed with this song, until the first-place position kicked it out of its number one spot.

1. Heartbeat by Diana Wang (64 times)

This song is my favourite Chinese song. Diana Wang’s voice already gives me goosebumps, but this song takes the cake with her effortless high notes. If I had any dance skills, I would have done a contemporary dance for this song. The song starts off strong with harmonized vocals. Shortly after, you hear Diana’s voice with minimal instrumentation. You begin to hear some more instruments during the pre-chorus, and then full-blown instrumentation during the chorus. This progressive build up and excellent mixing is the reason why this song is at the top of my list.

That was my most played CPOP songs! Do you have any favourites on this list? Or do you have other favourite CPOP songs? Let me know of your preferences in the comment section! My next list will feature my most played English songs.

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