Produce 48 Favourites

Produce 48 is the third season of the competition survival series, “Produce 101.” Ninety-six Japanese and Korean trainees compete for one of the 12 spots on the final debuting team. This team will be simultaneously promoting in South Korea and Japan for two years.

The show has already aired seven episodes and had its first elimination round. Some of my favourites, including Alex Christine (weeps), have been eliminated. Before the show started, I wrote about the contestants that I would be looking out for. Since so much time has passed, and we are more than halfway through the show, I decided to share an updated list of my favourites.

12. Murase Sae (NMB48)


Sae became famous because of her mature and good looks. She made her way into my favourites after her first live performance. Her stage presence overshadowed the rest. I think she will do well in the KPOP industry.

11. Son Eunchae (Million Market)


She is so cute but is a powerful dancer. If she improves her singing ability, it would be a double hit. She is similar to Lee Chaeyeon. They are both excellent dancers that can pull off any concept.

10. Park Seoyoung (Individual Trainee)


She has been lacking in almost all the challenges. It is hard to believe that she was a trainee at YG Entertainment. However, I have hope that she will improve and succeed. I am not sure why I am so compelled to her, but I want to see her debut.

9. Kim Choyeon (A Team)


Her intense stare scares me, but she is a talented performer. She is also entertaining. She would do well on variety shows. She needs to debut so I can see her on shows like Idol Room and Running Man!

8. Yamada Noe (NGT48)


She is so crazy and loud. I love her! She brings energy to the show, and I can imagine her doing the same in the debuting group. Just like Choyeon, she would be a hit on variety shows. She just needs to work on her singing, dancing, and Korean skills!

7. Goto Moe (AKB48)


At first, I was intrigued by Moe’s strange dancing. Now, I am inspired by her determination. She has been working non-stop and has been pushing through all the hate. She deserves to debut!

6. Honda Hitomi (AKB48)


I did not think AKB48 had such a great dancer! She is on par with the Korean trainees! That is impressive! She is also cute. She would blend in well with a group with Eunchae and Chaeyeon.

5. Lee Chaeyeon (WM Entertainment)


Speaking of Chaeyeon, I have been rooting for her since her “Sixteen” days. She needs to debut! She has the talent to be on the main stage. It has been too long!

4. Miyawaki Sakura (HTK48)


Sakura is one of the most popular contestants on the show. Some people love her, and some people hate her. Many criticize her and declare that she does not deserve her high-ranking status. I am one of the people that disagree with that. Sakura may lack the training that most of the Korean contestants received before joining the show. Despite that, she still shows a high level of skill and endurance and puts out great results for the final show. Just check out her solo camera video for her “Ddu Ddu Ddu” performance. I think she deserves a spot in the final twelve.

3. Takeuchi Miyu (AKB48)


SHE. NEEDS. MORE. SCREEN. TIME. Miyu is underrated. MNET has been casting her aside. She has so much talent. Did you see her evaluation performance? Have you heard her sing in her one-minute promotion video? I am worried that she may drop in rank due to the lack of opportunity and exposure and will be cut from the final group.  If that happens, I would be very vexed.

2. Ahn YuJIN (StarShip Entertainment)


This girl is a ball of fun. Her personality draws me in, and her performing ability makes me stay. She is another favourite participant of the show so I would be shocked if she does not make it into the final group.

1. Lee Gaeun (Pledis Entertainment)


Gaeun has to debut! She was on hiatus for way too long. I miss seeing her in After School, and I miss seeing her on the main stage. She has the talent and the charisma to be on (and lead) the debuting group. Hopefully, if she is successful, it may influence an After School comeback.

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Those are my current favourite contestants of Produce 48! If you are following the show as well, let me know your favourites in the comment section!


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