Most Played English Songs (2018)

Three years ago, I shared my most played English songs. The times have changed, my tastes are different, my play count has been reset, and new music was released. Therefore, I decided to release an updated version of the list. Check it out below:

10. Freal Luv by Far East Movement & Marshmallo (feat. Tinashe & Chanyeol) (57 times)

I accidentally stumbled upon this song a few years ago and was it a happy accident. This hip-hop track combines American and Asian hip-hop to create a masterpiece. My favourite part is Chanyeol’s rap near the end. I remember being blown away by his ability to rap in English the first time I heard this song!

9. Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance (58 times)

What ‘90’s kid has not heard this song? I think I am still in my adolescent emo phase because I still listen to a lot of alternative rock. This song was my anthem back in my early high school days, and even on this day, it is still one of my favourite songs.

8. Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots (60 times)

I love this song but to be honest, the play count is so high only because I have been practicing the rap portions of the lyrics. My ultimate dream is to one day master all the Twenty One Pilots song, including “Kitchen Sink,” and “Heavydirtysoul.”

7. Thief by Ansel Elgort (62 times)

I cannot remember how I came across this song. However, I do remember being shocked that Ansel Elgort, who played Caleb in “Divergent” and Gus in “The Fault in Our Stars,” also had a singing career. He sounds damn good. I never knew that such a resounding and deep voice could have come out of him! I am in love with his voice, and I am in love with this song.

6. Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea by Fall Out Boy (64 times)

Yes, this song was only released this year, and it is on this list. Words cannot express how much I listened to this song when it was released. I still scream out the lyrics when the song is playing. “Eau de Résistance!”

5. Bedroom Warfare by One Ok Rock (65 times)

One Ok Rock is one of my favourite Japanese bands. Their whole “Ambitions” album was fabulous, but this song was my favourite. I do not know if it was the repetitive “keep your enemies close,” the comparison of love and heartbreak to war, or just the fantastic instrumental that makes me adore this song.

4. That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars (68 times)

I am fed up with this song. I have heard it too many times. When I first got the song, I played it over and over again. I even heard it at parties, on the radio, and through covers, but it was too much. Now, I never want to listen to the song again.

3. 24K Magic by Bruno Mars (69 times)

I feel the same way about this song as I do with “That’s What I Like.” I will most likely remove it from my playlist.

2. Issues by Julia Michaels (75 times)

“I’m jealous. I’m overzealous.” – I was caught from that very first line. I listen to this song a lot because it reminds me of a past relationship, and also because it is a great song. The play count might have been higher if I included the counts from my iPod and phone.

1. This is Gospel by Panic! At the Disco (79 times)

My emo “phase” is showing its head again. I love this song because of the sudden and loud “IF YOU LOVE ME LET ME GOOOOOO!” at the beginning of the chorus. It is a quick change in pace from the more calming verses of the song. Throughout the song, there is that constant change of tempo and ambiance. They are set to perform in Toronto on Sunday, sadly, I will be missing that performance. Another lost opportunity to see one of my favourite bands live.

That is all for my list of most played English songs! You can also check out my other lists for JPOP, KPOP, and CPOP songs.

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