Hello Pro Kenshuusei Debut Wishlist (Sept 2018)

As more members of Hello Project graduate, there is increased opportunity for the Hello Pro Kenshuusei to debut. There are many Kenshuusei that have trained for a long time and should debut. Unfortunately, some of my favourites like Inoue Hikaru, Horie Kizuki and Kanatsu Mizuki, have graduated from the program. Therefore, I am releasing a new “debut wishlist” featuring the current members of the Kenshuusei program. Check out my favourite trainees below:

Morning Musume ‘18


Morning Musume lost two members (Kudo Haruka & Ogata Haruna) within the past year, and another one, Iikubo Haruna, will be graduating at the end of the year. This leaves three (or less) spaces in the group. Here are the Kenshuusei that I believe should debut in Morning Musume:

Matsunaga Riai


Have you heard this girl sing? If not, I recommend that you look at her performance from this year’s Kenshuusei testing event. She deserves to debut! I believe that her vocal talent will be useful in Morning Musume. She also fits their image and will most likely be able to keep up with their difficult choreography.

Yamada Ichigo


She still has a bit more training to do to improve her vocal ability, but she has impeccable stage presence. This is important in a large group such as Morning Musume. She also has a large international fan base, which is useful in promoting the group globally.

Kanemitsu Ruru


As I mentioned before, Morning Musume is in dire need of strong vocalists. Sakura, Masaki and Mizuki are the only significant vocalists in the group. Ruru has proven to be a talented vocalist, due to her musical background. Many times, I have said that her looks, musical history, and skills remind me of former ANGERME member, Tamura Meimi. While part of me wants to put in ANGERME to be the Meimi 2.0, I believe that her skills will be useful in Morning Musume. However, I am still debating whether she would fit the group’s image. It is difficult for me to see her performing powerful songs like “Wagamama Kino Mama Ai no Joke” and “Jama Shinaide Here We Go.”



Aikawa Maho left the group last year, and Wada Ayaka will be graduating during Spring 2019. This leaves two positions up for grabs in the group. If an external audition is not held, I believe the following Kenshuusei would be the best candidates for the group:

Yonemura Kirara


Kirara is so adorable! She would fit into ANGERME’s funny and somewhat cute image well. I think she would complement members like Funaki Musubu and Kasahara Momona well. She is also incredibly talented. She can sing, dance, and even though she is small, she has a grand stage presence.

Shutto Anna


Anna is also another small, but entrancing member. She, along with Kirara, will flow well with the group’s image and other members. She also seems to be very versatile and is able to pull off any concept given to her.

Kobushi Factory


I am still under the impression that Kobushi Factory needs a second generation. You can read my defence of this statement in my post “Kobushi Factory: A Second Generation?”. As I mentioned in that post, here are the girls that I think should be part of this new generation of the group:

Noguchi Kurumi


Kurumi has improved so much over the years. She still lacks a bit of vocal ability, but I am sure that will improve in time. She is young but still exudes maturity. She reminds of both past Kobushi Factory members, Fujii Rio and Ogawa Rena. I believe she will flourish in Kobushi Factory.

Ono Kotomi


Initially, I had Kotomi in ANGERME, but I think her lower voice and her appearance suits Kobushi Factory. She will fit right in! Also, she would be able to use her deeper voice to sing the lower and grungier tones of Kobushi Factory songs.

Hashisako Rin


Rin reminds me of Taguchi Natsumi! Plus, she is a proficient vocalist. I debated whether placing her in ANGERME or Kobushi Factory. Ultimately, I decided that Kobushi Factory is the best place for her. I think she would be able to perform past and future songs of the group flawlessly.

Those are the Kenshuusei that I think deserve to debut. Let me know who are your debut hopefuls in the comment section below!


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