My Favourite Comebacks (August 2018)

Here are my favourite Chinese, Japanese, and Korean comebacks from August 2018:

Killing Me – iKON (shown above)

Power Up – Red Velvet

Hann (Alone) – (G) I-DLE

My Pace – Stray Kids

Voices – Stray Kids

Awkward Silence – Stray Kids

‘Bout You – Super Junior D&E

Idol – BTS

Hi High – LOONA

Favourite – LOONA

Déjà vu – AAA

Tomorrow – AAA

I Think, I Sing, I Say – SKY-HI (feat. Reddy)

Snatchaway – SKY-HI

Kitto Watashi wa – Kobushi Factory

Naseba Naru – Kobushi Factory

My Way – E-Girls

Let’s Feel High – E-Girls

Idea – Gen Hoshino

Rumor – Produce 48

See You Again – Produce 48

To Reach You – Produce 48

Rollin Rollin – Produce 48

1000% – Produce 48

I Am – Produce 48

Heartbeat – Kimberley Chen

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