Hello Pro Kenshuusei Departures and Additions (Nov 2018)

Sadly, it was announced that Hello Pro Kenshuusei Noguchi Kurumi, Hibi Marina and Doi Rena have left the program. This was incredibly heartbreaking for me and many other fans. 

Kurumi was one of my favourite Kenshuusei, and I really hoped that she would debut in the new group, BEYOOOOONDS, or an existing group. Unfortunately, we would not get the chance to see her debut within Hello Project.

Marina and Rena were not my favourite Kenshuusei, but I still respected them. It is sad that they did not get a chance to fulfill their dream of debuting within a Hello Project group, but I hope they do not give up on their desire to be on stage.

On a more positive side, three new Kenshuusei members have been announced. These new girls are Saito Madoka, Kusunoki Mei and Onoda Karin. They will be revealed at the Kenshuusei recital in December. Hopefully, their profiles will be published before then.

It seems as if Karin was once part of a theatre group, so there is potential that she already has training in stage performance.

She would be a good rival for Kanemitsu Ruru who has similar experiences in theatre.

Saito Madoka also has previous experience in the entertainment industry. She was a talent under Ray Promotions.

I am really excited to see what these new girls are like. With the addition of new Kenshuusei, I hope that this means that the “Only You” audition is finally completed, and the winners will be revealed soon.

I wish all the best to the departed members. I am sad to see them go, but I can only hope that better opportunities await them in the future.

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