Finally, we get some news about the new Hello Project groups. I felt like I would have grandkids and Morning Musume would have its 50th generation before these groups would finally get to debut.

A couple of weeks ago, rumours were floating about the new Hello Project group names and concept. These rumours were proven to be true when a video was released on Hello Pro Station.

Ichioka Reina’s group with Shimakura Rika, Nishida Shiroi and Eguchi Saya has been named “CHICA#TETSU.” This group name combines the Spanish word, “chica” (girl) and the Japanese word “Tetsu,” which means philosophy. Together, the name means “girls who think deeply about things.” The hashtag in the centre is the “railroad” that connects them.

Takase Kurumi’s and Kiyono Momohime’s group with Maeda Kokoro, Yamazaki Yuhane, and Okamura Minami has been named “Ame no Mori Kawa Umi.” It is a very long name, but it will be officially shorted to RFRO, which stands for Ame (Rain), Mori (Forest), Kawa (River), and Umi (Ocean).  Each member has a kanji in their name relating to nature. Management wanted to incorporate that in the group’s name with the hopes of the girls “inspiring people’s hearts.”

Takase Kurumi was also named the leader of RFRO in the video.

At first, I found the names really peculiar, but that is a regular occurrence for Hello Project groups. Just look at ANGERME and Juice=Juice. I have grown to like CHICA#TETSU. It is trendy and stylish, and I like the fact that they incorporated a language other than English in their group name.

I am still getting used to Ame no Mori Kawa Umi. I can never remember the full name of the group. Since the announcement, I have only referred to them as RFRO, which is also a strange acronym. Even Momohime seemed disappointed with her group name because this was her facial expression when it was revealed:

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 12.16.53 AM

There was another big announcement in the video. Hello Project is actually getting three new groups. There will be a third group with the winners of the “Only You” audition. These three groups will form one supergroup called “BEYOOOOONDS.”

This was my face when the group name was announced:

The name “BEYOOOOONDS” was chosen with the hopes that the girls move “freely towards the future” and beyond expectations. The group will continuously change form and appearance.

I think I would be more accepting of the name if it did not have that many “O’s.” Three of them would have sufficed. Five of them are a bit ridiculous.

The concept is interesting. It reminds me of the KPOP group NCT, which is a large group with multiple units where the members and concepts change with every comeback. I wonder if Up-Front was inspired by this concept.

While I have no issues with adding more members, I hope that Up-Front does not try to remove any members from the group at some point. That would lead to a loss of fans. The Hello Project fanbase is much different from KPOP fans.

I am also hoping that some Kenshuusei would debut the third group with the audition winners. I think that it would be appropriate for a Kenshuusei member to lead this group since they have more experience and training in the industry and company. Personally, I hope for Kirara, Rin, Kotomi, Ruru, Natsume, Riai or Anna to debut.

Who knows, maybe even Ozeki Mai might be added to the group. That is just my wishful thinking.

A lot of fans are skeptical about this new concept, especially since Country Girls activities were reduced and three new groups are debuting. Many of them question if Hello Project has the resources or management to debut so many new groups. However, I am excited, and I have faith. I cannot wait to see what is in store for BEYOOOOONDS!

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