La Vie En Rose Music Video Review

IZ*ONE made their official debut on October 29, 2018, with the EP entitled “Color Iz.” The music video for the title track “La Vie En Rose,” was released on the same day.

After watching Produce 48, I was very excited about IZ*ONE’s debut. With each teaser they released, my excitement grew. I could not tell what the concept will be like and I was curious to know how the lines would be distributed. When I finally watched their debut music video, all the enthusiasm drained out of me, and I was left disappointed.

Do not get me wrong. The music video was aesthetically pleasing. The truly lived up to the colour concept mixing pastel and bright colours throughout the video and using eye-catching transitions to switch between colour schemes. The colourful props, such as the stickered suitcases, fridge, and plants used in the video were a bit random but somehow made the girls stand out.

The girls looked flawless. It actually took me some time to recognize Hitomi. She seemed so mature and amazing in Korean makeup and fashion. It also took me some time to recognize her because she barely showed up in the music video, but I will complain about that later.

The song was my biggest problem. It took me several listens to get used to it, and I still question if I like the song. There seems to be a growing trend in KPOP for songs to start one way, then at some point, the tempo, style and genre of the music suddenly change. This throws and turns me off.

One notable example of this is SNSD’s “I Got A Boy.” It took me a while to like that song. Recent examples include GOT7’s “Lullaby,” BTS’ “Fake Love,” Stray Kids’ “My Pace,” and Monsta X’s “Shoot Out.” These are all songs that I did not like at first, but they eventually grew on me. Actually, I am still on the fence with “Shoot Out” since it is was just released last week.

“La Vie En Rose” started off with a soft tune, which was even depicted in the music video with what seemed to be a school theme, but then out of nowhere Yuri comes with her powerful vocals, and the tempo sped up. My brain struggled to make the transition.

Hyewon then started ad-libbing with a kind of hip-hop tone, which was then followed by Hitomi’s high-pitched cutesy voice.

Eunbi appeared with her booming voice, and sexy dance moves and the song temporarily turned into a slower and more sensual sound, which led into an even more sultry chorus. At the end of the video, my brain could not correctly process what I just heard. I was left in a confused mess.

The song did not flow well at all. Its arrangement was strange, and the short and disjointed line distribution reminded me of Morning Musume’s dark one-syllable days during the “Wakuteka Take A Chance” and “One Two Three” eras. To me, it was terrible, but I guess that is what happens when you have a group of twelve people.

The only Japanese member that shined throughout this music video was Sakura. She got a lot of lines and face time. That is because she ranked 2nd and is one of the most popular members of the group. I barely saw Hitomi, much less for Nako, who also got the short end of the stick when solo lines were being distributed. While I am disappointed, I do understand that they fit this concept (whatever it is) the least. Hopefully, they would get a lot more face time if IZ*ONE releases a bubblier and more upbeat song.

Yuri, Chaeyeon and Eunbi shined throughout this music video. They got the most lines, and they killed the concept, in a good way of course. They had the most stage presence during their live performances of this song. It also helped that they are the group’s best vocalists.

I was very impressed with Wonyoung. She did an excellent job at being the centre of this song. If I was not Chaeyeon biased, I am sure my eyes would have gravitated to her a lot more during the video.

I am also impressed by Hyewon and Minjoo. They are the group’s weakest members, but that was not evident in this music video. They were almost on par with the other members. They just both need to work on their expressions a bit more, but you can tell that they improved and had a lot more confidence.

Speaking of the choreography, despite not liking the song, I really love the dance. My favourite part is where they do this pinching movement with their hands (I guess it somehow represents a growing rose) and the hips swaying during the chorus.

I also love the dance during the pre-chorus when they pound with their fists, do a body wave and then some sort of spirit fingers. I know it is a weird way to describe it, but I am not a dancer. Just know look at the gif above, and you know that it is an excellent dance move. Credit goes to the choreographer for creating such a fantastic dance.

I liked the music video. I loved the use of all the colours, the props, the choreography and the various styles of the girls that made them all stand out. Although I am a bit disappointed by the lack of Nako and Hitomi and by the song, I think it was a promising debut. Many people seem to agree since IZ*ONE got over 4.5 million views in 24 hours. They broke the record for the most viewed KPOP debut music video!

I hope that they continue to break barriers and make comebacks in the future!

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