Mitsui Aika Leaves the Entertainment Industry

There has been a lot of news floating around Hello Project this week. Today, Hello Project soloist and former Morning Musume member, Mitsui Aika announced that she will be leaving the entertainment business. She will now put her energy towards her new passion for cooking. Check out JP Room’s announcement here as well.

As much as I love Aika, this did not come as a surprise to me. We have not heard from her for almost two years. She also has not done much as a soloist other than work on English translations and correspondence with Up-Front Link. I am not completed devasted by this news. My heart already knew that Aika was no longer interested in the idol business.

I am intrigued to know why she decided to pursue cooking. I wonder what inspired her to follow that path?

All the best to Aika and I hope that we get to hear from her in the future!

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