IZ*ONE Ranking


My personal ranking of the members of IZ*ONE is listed below. Also, check out my previous post on the member announcements for this group!

12. Kim Chaewon


She is my least favourite. She has not stood out to me or impressed me in any way during Produce 48 or IZ*ONE’s debut. I hope that changes in the future.


11. Kang Hyewon


She has yet to impress me sufficiently, but I do recognize that she has improved since her Produce 48 days.


10. Kim Minjoo


She is a great dancer. I just wish that she had more confidence and expressions while performing!

9. Choi Yena


She is climbing up my rankings. She did not come across my radar during Produce 48, but she definitely made an impact during their debut music video and live performance stage!


8. Jang Wonyoung


Her voice still needs to mature, but she is an impressive centre.


7. Kwon Eunbi


I respect her abilities. She is multitalented and deserves to be in this group. I did not pay attention to her during the series, so I am still learning more about her.


6. Jo Yuri


At first, I did not like Yuri, but with time she grew on me. She continues to climb up my rankings as she shows her talents and skills.


5. Honda Hitomi


Hitomi is so cute, but she lacked in vocal skills and did not have much of a stage presence during their debut stage. However, I still really love her.


4. Yabuki Nako


She is another cutie member that I adore. Although she worries a lot about her small stature, I find that it is an appealing quality about her. She would have been much higher on this list if I did not like the remaining members even more.


3. Ahn Yujin


I love how well-rounded she is. She also funny and has an inviting personality. I am just drawn to her. I wish I can explain why I love her so much.


2. Miyawaki Sakura


I was a casual fan of Sakura before the show. My appreciation grew as I watched the series. Not only is she an excellent performer but she is actually sweet and genuine. It is hard not to be attracted to her personality.


1. Lee Chaeyeon


I loved this girl since “SIXTEEN” aired. I was a bit sad that she was not chosen to join TWICE. Back then, she had the talent to debut but still needed to mature a bit more. I am glad that she was finally able to fulfil her dream of debuting. My personal wish for the future is that her sister, Chaeryoung, debuts in JYP’s upcoming girl group and they would perform on one stage together.

Let me know who are your favourite members of IZ*ONE in the comment section below!




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