Miyazaki Yuka to graduate from Juice=Juice Hello Project

Juice=Juice’s leader, Miyazaki Yuka, announced her graduation in a Hello Pro Station episode. She will be graduating during the group’s Spring tour next year.

This news was the first thing I saw when I woke up. I was excited to see a notification for a new Hello Station episode, but little did I know the sad news that was contained in that video. I am so heartbroken, but part of me expected it.

Yuka is one of my favourite Hello Project members. I loved her not only because we were the same age but because she is a sincere, sweet and hardworking person. She was one of Hello Project’s best leaders. She lacked a lot of skills compared to her fellow members, but that did not stop her from trying hard and improving phenomenally.

Miyazaki Yuka (left) & Yanagawa Nanami (right)

Many people speculated that Yuka was thinking about graduating because of her age. This is especially since her fellow ‘94ers, Iikubo Haruna and Wada Ayaka has and will be departing from Hello Project. I wanted to believe differently, especially since Juice=Juice (minus the additions and Nanami’s graduation) was one of the most stable groups of Hello Project. My only hope is this is not the beginning of a series of graduations in the group.

My question now is Tomoko going to be the new leader of the group? Also, will they add any new members?

I am still in shock, and I am very heartbroken. I did not expect any graduation announcements from Juice=Juice, especially since Nanami has already announced her graduation. Hopefully, this is the last bad news we will hear from Hello Project for a while.

Until Yuka graduates (and I will cry like a baby), I will continue to support her. Her graduation announcement was not clear about what she will hope to pursue after graduation, but I will support her then too. Check out the Hello Station Announcement HERE.

UPDATE: Yuka’s graduation date is set for June 17, 2019.

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