JKPOP Age Lines (’97-Line)

In this post, I will be talking about the idols of the ’97-line! The featured Korean and Japanese idols will be turning or have turned 21 years old (international age) this year!

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BamBam (GOT7): If you watched my “Top 25 Male Korean Artistes” video, then you know that BamBam is one of my top biases in the KPOP industry. I have been following him since his debut, and he has GLOWED UP since then. He went from the little baby-faced boy from “Girls Girls Girls” to the strapping young man he is today. At first, I felt guilty for liking him since he is so young, but all that guilt melted away.

Jungkook (BTS): Here is another idol that really grew up over the years. He looked like a child until the “Wings” era, where he went through a metamorphosis and evolved into the man he is now. He actually looks older than most of the other idols in this year line.

Takahashi Juri (AKB48): Juri is another one of the idols that looks mature for her age. However, she is actually a big ball of fun. Her personality ages her backwards and makes it seem as if she is younger than she really is.

Lisa (BLACKPINK): I seem to really love the ’97 liners. Many of them are very high on my bias list, including BLACKPINK’s Lisa. For some reason, when I see Lisa my mind instantly thinks “young.” I am not sure why. It may be because she is the maknae of the group, her bubbly personality or her sweet smile. Unlike a lot of the other members of this age line, Lisa looks younger than her actual age.

Matsui Jurina (SKE48): How is Jurina only 21 years old?! It seems as if she has been part of the AKB family forever! She exudes radiance and elegance. I can see why so many of her kouhai look up to her.

Eunwoo (ASTRO): He has gotten so popular this year because of his drama, “Gangnam Beauty” and his other solo activities. I saw ASTRO in concert earlier this year. I could not believe how tall he was! He also had a warm and funny personality that shone through during the MC segments of the concerts. Despite his tall stature, he still has a baby-like face. To me, he comes across as more cute than mature and masculine.

Takagi Sayuki (Juice=Juice): Sayuki looks young, but her voice is very developed. Who would not fall in love with those powerful vocal cords! She is one of Hello Projects best singers. It is impressive that such a significant voice comes from a small body.

Mingyu (Seventeen): Okay, so I used to follow Seventeen during their USTREAM trainee days. The Mingyu from then is not the same Mingyu now. This boy got SWOL. I remember seeing him live last year when Seventeen came to Toronto and wondering who replaced this little boy with this hard-back man with biceps that looked like they could crush me. When did he get so tall? I cannot get over how quickly these idols are developing!

Nakanishi Kana (ANGERME): ANGERME is a group full of eccentric and crazy characters, so all the members of the group appear younger than they actually are. Kana is one of the zaniest members of the group, and I love that about her. She acts like a teenager, but she is actually a spirited young woman! She would be the perfect candidate for ANGERME’s next leader.

Jihyo (Twice): She was one of my favourite members of Twice, but Jungyeon has taken over the top spot. I admired how dedicated and determined Jihyo is. She has been a trainee for over ten years, because of that I often forget she is still very young, even though she just started her idol career.

Ikuta Erina (Morning Musume ’18): I am so proud of Erippon’s growth. Not only has she matured physically, but her skills have drastically improved over the years. I think Erina is more than ready to lead Morning Musume.

Suda Anna (Happiness/E-Girls/SudannaYuzuYully): She is my favourite rainbow-haired dancer. Sometimes, she looks really young, but when she dances, her maturity shines. It all depends on the concept.

Jaehyun (NCT): How is he only 21 years old? Even during the Touch era, he looked super old. In my opinion, that was his least suitable concept. Then again, that concept did not fit many of the NCT 127’s members. I still think it is a song that was better suited for NCT Dream.

Murase Sae (NMB48): I never really followed Sae before Produce 48, so I did not know what she looked like before she started wearing Korean makeup. However, she looked so good and mature throughout the show, especially during the “Rumor” and “Mamma Mia” stages.

I really have a lot of biases in this year line! You can check out the idols featured above and more in the slideshow below. Next time, we will look at idols born in 1998!

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