New Beyooooonds Members!

Finally, Hello Project’s ONLY YOU audition has ended, and three new BEYOOOOONDS members were announced:

Hirai MiyoKobayashi HonokaSatoyoshi Utano
Birth Date: December 11, 1999

Age: 19

Origin: Tokyo, Japan

Member Colour: Purple

Birth Date: August 16, 2000

Age: 18

Origin: Tokyo, Japan

Member Colour: Green

Birth Date: September 22, 2000

Age: 18

Origin: Tokyo, Japan

Member Colour: Medium Blue

The girls and their corresponding member colours were announced during the group’s December fan club event entitled BEYOOOOONDS Ouen Kikaku FC Event 2018 ~Fuyu no Jin ZIN~.

Miyo is an expressive dancer who took part in the Hello Project Shin Member Audition in 2017. She is also in her first year of university.

Honaka is a skilled pianist who is in her last year in a specialized music school.

Utano is a sharp dancer who used to be a part of the ARKSTAR dance studio.

I am very excited to see some new faces in Hello Project. Though I am sad that none of my favourite Kenshuusei debuted, it is nice to bring some freshness to the organization.

One of the stipulations for the audition was that applicants had a “special talent or skill that they are confident that they would not lose to anyone else.” These girls are the winners from probably thousands of applicants, so I know that they are very talented.

I am already drawn to Miyo because of her resemblance to Takeuchi Akari. Also, those few seconds from her audition video caught my heart.

I am also attracted to Utano’s sharp dancing style. She and Miyo would be great additions to the Hello Pro Station Dance Club.

I am very curious to see what management does with these girls. In the official announcement, they stated that their activities would not be limited to BEYOOOOONDS. Also, it is not sure if these three girls would be forming their own subgroup, similar to Chica#Tetsu and Ame no Mori Kawa Umi. Although it will be a small group, it will also be a powerful group with a high level of talent.

Fans have already seen Utano’s and Miyo’s dance skill, and Honoka’s piano skills. However, they have not gotten much opportunity to display their vocal abilities. I hope that they would get that chance to shine soon.

I am excited to see what the future holds for these girls and BEYOOOOONDS! Congratulations to the winners!

Also, check out this excellent thread made by Connie (@to8andbeyonds) on Twitter about the new girls:

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