JKPOP Age Lines (’98-Line)

In this post, I will be talking about the idols of the ’98-line! The featured Korean and Japanese idols that turned or will be turning 20 years old (international age) this year!

Do not forget to check out the featured idols in past age-line posts!

Miyazaki Sakura (HKT48/IZ*ONE): I am amazed that Sakura is one of the older members of IZ*ONE. She seems so young, especially compared to the other members. On the other side, she appears to be older than most of her fellow HKT48 members. I understand why people rave about her beauty, though.

Vernon (Seventeen): Just like Mingyu, I followed Vernon since his USTREAM days. I feel like I got whiplash at how fast he has grown. He used to look like such a baby! A part of me still cannot believe that he turned twenty years old this year!

Murota Mizuki (ANGERME): This girl is ridiculous but in the greatest way. She is the queen of crazy in ANGERME, and her antics often put a spotlight on the group. She has such a refreshing personality on and off stage, but her childish ways make it hard to believe that she is not a teenager anymore!

Chanwoo (iKON): Chanwoo may be tall, but he still looks like a child. All the members of iKON seem older than him, which makes sense since he is the maknae. He has learned his evil maknae role well from Seungri.

Ogata Risa (Tsubaki Factory): I am still confused as to how Risa shot up my rankings. I find her so gorgeous and sophisticated. How is she only twenty years old?  To be honest, along with Kisora, I think Risa is maturing much faster than her fellow group mates. I would love to see them together in a subgroup performing with a mature theme.  

Uemura Akari (Juice=Juice): Akari is another Hello Project member that matured quickly. She looks like the oldest member of Juice=Juice, which is ironic because she was the youngest member for some time. As the Juice=Juice members get older, I hope they could try out more mature concepts as they did for “Sexy Sexy,” which is a bop by the way!

Moonbin (ASTRO): I remember the first time I saw Moonbin. He was on Unpretty Rapstar in the crowd, supporting his sister, SuA, during one of his live performances. I did not know that he was going to debut as a member of ASTRO back then, but I did think “Damn, this guy is ridiculously good-looking.” I also thought that he was much older than me. When ASTRO finally debuted, I realized how wrong I was. If that does not say something about his appearance in relation to his age, then I do not know what else to say.

Soyeon ((G)I-DLE): This girl has so much charisma! How can she be so perfect? If you have not seen her perform on stage, I suggest you look up a video on YouTube right now! Actually, just check out one of my favourite performances from her in the video below! Due to her charisma and all-around sass, Soyeon often appears to be much older than she really is. How is this girl the same age Miyazaki Sakura, Miyamoto Karin, and Murota Mizuki?!

Jungwoo (NCT): I was shocked while doing my research. I did not realize that Jungwoo was so old. His baby-face still makes look like a teenager. Even Uemura Akari seems older than him, and it is rare that a Japanese idol looks older than a Korean idol.

Karen (Little Glee Monster): I am starting to fall in love with Karen. She is so pretty and has a fantastic voice. She looks just like her age, but has the talent of a singer who has been in the industry for decades!

As we go through these year lines, I am starting to feel much older. You can check out the idols featured above and more in the gallery below. Next time, we will look at idols born in 1999!


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