Nakanishi Kana’s Injury

On December 19, ANGERME subleader, Nakanishi Kana, announced that she will go on a break for six weeks due to being diagnosed with enthesitis. For now, she will be absent for some events or participate in others only by sitting and in MC segments.

This is sad news. I know how hard Kana works. She must be devastated that she would not perform on stage with her fellow group members, especially the new ones. However, I really hope she rests and heals.

Many people fear that she may graduate since her injury is similar to Aika’s. However, I am going to be optimistic and say that I know that she will be back on stage soon enough. I am also hoping that she would take over the leadership position once Wada Ayaka graduates.

Until then, I hope that Kana gets well soon!

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