Nonaka Miki to go on hiatus.

Recently, Morning Musume 18’s Nonaka Miki announced that she will be going on a two-month hiatus to go abroad and improve her English skills. She will not be performing in any Hello Project events for the rest of the year and has ended her Rakuten NBA promotions.

Now, I have a bone with pick with some people. When this news broke, people instantly assumed that this meant that Miki would graduate. Yes, in the past we had Hello Project idols graduating to study abroad (e.g. Sayashi Riho, Hagiwara Mai, Tokunaga Chinami, Mitsui Aika, etc.). However, since her beginnings in Morning Musume, Miki has declared her aspiration to make Morning Musume a global group and promised to improve her English skills to achieve that goal. Her going abroad to study is her trying to fulfil that goal. These actions are the opposite of person going to graduate. 

Also, Management has clearly stated which events she will be absent from and when she is returned. It was not ambiguous in any way. It is a strong indication that she will be back, and hopefully with better English skills. If anything, I really hope that this encourages Hello Project to have more overseas concerts for Morning Musume.

I mean, I am sure Canadian fans would appreciate a Morning Musume concert.

Miki is my H!P oshi, and I will miss her during these next few months, but I look forward to seeing how much she has improved. I wish her all the best in her studies!

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