JKPOP Age Lines (’99-Line)

In this post, I will be talking about the idols of the ’99-line! The featured Korean and Japanese idols will be turning 20 years old (international age) this year!

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Lucas (NCT): Lucas has me feeling so conflicted. He is young. Yet, I love him so much. Somehow, he kicked Taeyong out of my top spot for NCT. It does not help that he is such a player and flirt. He is so young but acts older than his age…sometimes. 

Oda Sakura (Morning Musume ’18): Yet another Hello Project glow up. Sakura has grown in many ways. During some of her Kenshuusei days, she had a short bowl haircut that aged her. It did not suit her at all. Now, her makeup and styling skills have gotten much better. She looks gorgeous all the time. Not to mention, she exudes grace and class while on stage, even during the MC events. Also, she pulls off sexy concepts flawlessly.

Doyeon (Weki Meki): Wait, Doyeon is only nineteen? I swore she was in her early twenties already! She looks much older than her actual age. How can she be so young? Mature concepts fit her so well.

Sato Masaki (Morning Musume ’18): Masaki is a double-edged sword. On stage, she blows people out of the water, especially when performing mature concepts. She pulls off that image with no effort. However, her personality is very childish. She acts like a little girl and always annoys her fellow members.

Mark (NCT): Mark may be the group’s badass rapper, but he has a baby-face. It took me a while to get used to that dissimilarity. Weirdly enough, despite his youthful looks, I found that NCT Dream’s concepts did not fit him. NCT 127 is the perfect group for him, excluding the “Touch” era.

Yeri (Red Velvet): She is so precious. I cannot believe that she is almost twenty years old already! Wasn’t she just fifteen or sixteen years old just the other day? As Red Velvet concepts evolve, she evolves with them.

Kamikokuryo Moe (ANGERME): Moe’s short stature and young face make her seem very young. I mean as young as a pre-teen. It is hilarious seeing her stand among the taller members. However, she has a very alluring and powerful voice. It amazes me how Hello Project’s smallest people have the most prominent voices.

Tzuyu (Twice): Tzuyu received attention since her pre-debut days because of her good looks. She looks much older than nineteen. Personally, I think she looks similar to Weki Meki’s Doyeon.

Murakawa Vivian (HKT48): How is Vivian not fourteen years old? Just like Moe, she is short and looks young, but she also has a higher pitched voice. It makes her seem like a child. Even her BLACKPINK stage on Produce 48, made her seem like a child doing awkwardly doing an adult concept.

Rocky (ASTRO): Rocky is another ASTRO member that caught my heart, but for different reasons from Moonbin. I think he is probably one of the cutest members of the group. That is until he starts dancing seriously and my heart starts palpitating. Otherwise, he always looks like his age.

Yamada Noe (NGT48): If Noe was not in NGT48, I think she would have fit perfectly in ANGERME. This girl is so bizarre and LOUD. That is what I love about her. Due to those traits, I had no idea that she was nineteen years old.

Do not forget to check out the featured idols in past age-line posts!

You can check out the idols featured above and more in the gallery below. Next time, we will look at idols born in 2000!

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