Rookie Watch (Part 6)

Recently, I revived my “Rookie Watch” feature by talking about some new groups, like ITZY, IZ*ONE, ONEUS and (G)I-DLE. Originally, that post was supposed to be much longer, but I decided to divide it into two separate posts so it would be easier to read. Without further ado, here is Part 6 of the “Rookie Watch” feature!

ATEEZ (KQ Entertainment)

ATEEZ is the little brother group to Block B. I only got into this group after being threatened by some friends to listen to their songs. I am glad that they did because this is an excellent group!

They follow a similar hip-hop style like Block B. If they debuted around the same time as Block B, they would probably be one of my favourite groups right now. Sadly, I do not have the time to follow groups like I used to back then.

I am sorry that I slept on them during their debut.  “Pirate King” and “Treasure” were strong songs to debut with, and “Hala Hala,” the pre-released song for their comeback, was a powerful follow-up.

However, I was a bit disappointed with “Say My Name.” It was not as memorable or robust as their other title tracks. On the other hand, I love the choreography for the song.

This group has the potential to make it big, especially if they keep great hip-hop tracks. All they need is more exposure and a supportive fanbase following them.

GWSN (Kiwi Media Group)

I. LOVE. PUZZLE. MOON. It is a mystical and upbeat song. It has a sort of cute concept but not too much to make me cringe. I have to listen to the song at least once a day.

Can we also talk about Miya? She is perfect in every way. She is like a younger and Japanese version of f(x)’s Amber. She is an older and blonde version of Morning Musume’s Kaga Kaede and Kudo Haruka. I always fall for the girls with the androgynous style. Interestingly enough, she stated that Amber is her role model! Miya is giving me the incentive to follow this group more.

They just made a comeback with “Pinky Star (RUN)” and it is just as amazing as their debut. Check out their music video below!

Nature (N.CH Entertainment)

I know almost nothing about this group. Their lineup is confusing with the numerous subunits and one member leaving and another already being added.

However, they made an impact on me with their debut song “Allegro Cantabile.” This song proved their skills as vocalists. It stands out from the mainstream KPOP music.

Their next comeback, “Some” was unique and fun. The choreography is hilarious, especially around the chorus.

Unfortunately, their latest song, “Dream About U,” had that cutesy vibe that made my blood crawl. It reminded me of past KPOP group History and their debut single “Dreamer,” which was a masterpiece. It is still one of my favourite KPOP songs up to this day.

I was disappointed with their second single, “Tell Me Love,” which was a more conventional KPOP song. I eventually learned to love it. I am having a similar experience with Nature.

Stray Kids (JYP Entertainment)

It is hard to believe that this group just debuted last year! They released so much music between then and now. They are already going on a world tour!

I never got around to finishing their survival show, but I still know a bit about the members. Right now, my favourite members are Bang Chan and Felix.

Stray Kids continue to release hit after hit. They had a strong major debut with “Hellavator.” They are also not afraid to change up their image once in a while. “I Am You,” “Voices,” “Get Cool,” “My Pace,” all these songs and more differed from each other proving their versatility.

They are mostly a self-produced group. I respect groups and artists that create their tracks.

Bonus: WayV (SM Entertainment)

Okay, you got me. Technically, this is not a KPOP group even though it is an NCT subunit and under a subsidiary branch of SM Entertainment. However, I could not pass up the opportunity to talk about them as a very new NCTzen.

This group includes some familiar faces who have already debuted through other NCT units such as Ten (NCT U), Lucas (NCT U), Kun (NCT U) and Winwin (NCT U & NCT 127).

There are also new members Yangyang, Xiaojun and Hendery.

I am currently at a stage of obsession when it comes to NCT, so I was so excited about this debut. I was excited to learn that some of my favourite members Ten and Lucas was going to be part of this group. If you watched my “Top 25 Male KPOP Idols” video, you would know that Lucas is one of my top biases overall.

I was a bit disappointed that their debut title song was just a Chinese version of NCT 127’s “Regular.” I love that song, but I wished that they promoted their another track. I also hoped that Winwin got more lines for once, but that’s a different story. 

I am curious to see if WayV will be releasing anything else this year. Fans also speculate that an “NCT 2019” subunit is in the works. However, I am not sure how soon that will happen since NCT 127 is currently on a world tour. I am excited to see them in Canada!

Anyway, that is the end of this Rookie Watch post. Hopefully, I can follow these groups more closely in the future. Do you like any of the groups mentioned in this post or are there other rookie groups that you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments!

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