50 Day KPOP Song Challenge: Day 50

Day 50: Your favourite Teen Top song

Rocking by Teen Top

My favourite Teen Top song is “Rocking.”

I used to LOVE Teen Top. My first KPOP concert was a Teen Top concert in 2014. I remember screaming out my lungs when they performed this song. Niel was one of my top biases in the industry.

Then, they changed their sound. They dropped the dance music and took the R&B route. I am not a fan of slow R&B songs, so my interest quickly declined. This change worked against them, and sadly, they lost many fans. L.Joe’s departure from the group did not help either.

They went back to their original sound with the release of “Seoul Night,” but that song was not as good as “Rocking.” Also, at this point, it was hard to capture my interest again. I do not hate Teen Top, but unless they come out with something that is as good or better than “Rocking,” I would not have the same interest as before.

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