ANGERME’s New Leader and Subleader Announced

Last week, Wada Ayaka announced the members that will succeed her in leadership after her graduation on June 18, 2019.

Current subleader, Takeuchi Akari, will take Ayaka’s place as ANGERME’s leader.

Nakanishi Kana will retain her subleader role.

Kawamura Ayano will be the new subleader of the group.

I am very content with these changes. Ayaka was never one to follow Hello Project conventions, especially when it came to leadership and how she guided her group.  I believe she spoke to her members before she made the decision. She was always a democratic leader like that, and to be honest, this is how I think all Hello Project groups should be led.

Many people were shocked that Kana was passed over for the leadership role. She has been a great subleader thus far, and I think she will continue to do well in that role. Akari has been in Hello Project (as a Hello Pro Egg) longer than Kana. Also, as crazy as she is, I think she is more mature and more suited to be a leader than Kana. I am not saying that Kana would be a bad leader, but I believe Akari is the better decision at this time.

Also, I am not surprised that Ayano was chosen to be a subleader. Initially, it seems crazy since Ayano is in the 6th generation. Ayaka passed over four generations. Many times, the group members have attested to Ayano’s motherly role. She genuinely cares about the group and puts detailed thought into how the group performs and functions, offering advice for improvement whenever she can. That is an admirable trait to have as a leader, so I think Ayano is more than deserving of her new role. Not to mention, she also has that zany side to keep ANGERME’s energy alive.

Some fans seemed to be a bit peeved that Rina did not get the subleader role, but I cannot imagine Rina as a subleader. I do not see her wanting that position either. I hate to be the one to say this, and fingers crossed that I am wrong, but I feel like Rina will be the next ANGERME member to graduate. As we know, Rina is highly interested in fashion. She continually voices this, and recently graduated from fashion school. There is only so much she can do with that interest as an ANGERME member. As much as I would hate to see her go, I would understand if she graduates to go to the fashion industry.

All in all, I am happy with these choices, and I look forward to the new Takechan era! I am sure she will be an excellent successor!

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