Hello Pro Kenshuusei Debut Wishlist (June 2019)

This year’s test event was proof that Hello Project has many talented Kenshuusei. I wish that they can all debut! Unfortunately, there are only so many open positions available in the main Hello Project roster, so only a few girls can debut.

As you probably saw in my Hello Pro Kenshuusei ranking post, most of my Kenshuusei favourites are seniors in the program with a lot of experience and skill. Those girls are the ones that I think (or hope) will debut. The question that remains is in which groups will they make their debut?

Below I have listed several kenshuusei and the groups that I think they should debut in:

Morning Musume ’19

Morning Musume ’19’s 15th generation is coming soon. Many fans, including me, expect that they will be announced on the last day of the tour, which is on June 5th. Here are the kenshuusei that I hope will be part of the new generation:

Yonemura Kirara

If you watched my video with my current kenshuusei ranking, then you would know that Kirara is my favourite trainee. I think she would fit right in Morning Musume. Despite being small, she has a great voice and stage presence. I think she would give Yokoyama Reina a run for her money (i.e. some healthy competition).

Kudo Yume

She impressed me with her performance of Berryz Kobo’s “ROCK Erotic” during the last testing event. I think she has a performing power that can match Morning Musume’s. It is time for another Hokkaido kenshuusei to debut!

Shutto Anna

Here is another girl that I think would give Yokoyama Reina and maybe even Morito Chisaki some competition. She is stylish and performs well on stage. Her rendition of Morning Musume’s “Help Me” made me think that she would be the perfect addition to the group.


Sadly, Juice=Juice lost Yanagawa Nanami earlier this year, and Miyazaki Yuka is set to graduate in a couple of weeks. They have some open spaces for some new members!

Ono Kotomi

I am afraid that if she does not debut now, she will leave the program. If the company wakes up and sees her beauty and talent, I think they should add her to Juice=Juice. She can pull off their mature themes very well, and with a bit of Juice=Juice’s professional vocal training, I think her lower-pitched voice will suit the group.

Matsunaga Riai

Most fans hope she would be added to Morning Musume’s 15th generation; however, I disagree. I think her style and voice best fits Juice=Juice. Juice=Juice is also a smaller group than Morning Musume, so she has more opportunity to shine as an individual. 

Kobushi Factory

Yes, I am still pushing for a Kobushi Factory second generation. I am not saying that they are not doing fine as five, but to be honest, I would like to see some change in the lineup. Here are the kenshuusei that I think can live up to Kobushi Factory’s high performing standards:

Kanemistu Ruru

She reminds me of Tamura Meimi. She is small, her voice is versatile, and she has a background in theatre and musicals. I think she would fare well in Kobushi Factory. I can see her excelling in their acapella performances!

Ishiguri Kanami

I do not know how many people noticed, but Kanami has a great voice. She is another kenshuusei that impressed me at this year’s performance. This is why she won the singing award with her performance of Morning Musume’s “Kimagure Princess.” Her voice and performing style fits Kobushi Factory.

Yamazaki Mei

She is small but full of spunk. I was conflicted whether I wanted to see her in Morning Musume or Kobushi Factory. In the end, I chose Kobushi Factory because I think there were other kenshuusei that I believe fit Morning Musume, but I still want Mei to debut!


I know this is a stretch. BEYOOOOONDS lineup has been finalized, and they are set for major debut in August 2019. However, part of me still wishes for more kenshuusei to be added to the group. Specifically, to the group of Only You audition winners (Miyo, Honoka, and Utano). Then, the subgroup could finally have a name and perform their songs like Chica#Tetsu and Ame no Mori Kawa Umi. Here are the girls who I think will do well in such a group:

Hashisako Rin

She has been in the trainee program for a while. She is another girl that I think will leave this year if she does not debut. I think she will do well in this group once she practices some more.

Nakayama Natsume

She is compelling on the stage. She seems to be a great dancer, as well. While she may not be at the same level as Miyo or Utano, I think she would be able to keep up with them on stage with some practice and dedication.

I am excited for this summer to see who may debut into the main roster. Also, with new debuts means that new kenshuusei will be added to the trainee program. I look forward to that as well! Let me know who are your debut hopefuls in the comment section below or through my Twitter account!

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