New Juice=Juice Structure

Yuka graduates from Juice=Juice later today. My heart is not ready. On the plus side, last Friday the new leaders of Juice=Juice were announced on their official channel.

As expected, Kanazawa Tomoko will be the new leader of Juice=Juice.

Takagi Sayuki will be the new subleader.

As a surprise (kind of), two new members of Juice=Juice were also revealed!

The first member is Hello Pro Kenshuusei Hokkaido member, Kudo Yume!

Name: Kudo Yume

Nickname: Tako-chan

Birthdate (Age): September 28, 2004 (14)

Origin: Hokkaido, Japan

She put on an excellent performance of Berryz Kobo’s “Rock Erotic” at this year’s Kenshuusei testing event and won the judge’s dance award and was the runner-up for best performance. She was one of my picks for Morning Musume’s 15th generation, but she suits Juice=Juice well. I am glad that yet another Hokkaido kenshuusei debuted.

The second member was none other than Matsunaga Riai!

Name: Matsunaga Riai

Nickname: Richan

Birthdate (Age): July 7, 2005 (13)

Origin: Osaka, Japan

Riai was my top pick for Juice=Juice after seeing her performance of “Gatamekira” at this year’s testing event, where she won the best performance award. Her singing style is perfect for Juice=Juice. I can see her easily being one of the best singers in Hello Project already. She is on par with Dambara Ruru. I would love to see them in a subunit!

I cannot wait for the new members’ single debut. I am hoping that would be this year, though, I am not sure since Juice=Juice already released two singles for the year.

I am sad that Yuka is leaving, but I am happy to see how the new members fit in. This is the beginning of a new era for Juice=Juice! I am also curious to see what member colours they get. I foresee Riai getting Yuka’s pink while Yume getting Nanami’s medium blue.

Anyway, congratulations and good luck to the new leaders and members!

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