Morning Musume ‘19’s 15th Generation!

Morning Musume ’19

Morning Musume’s 15th generation members were revealed in a live stream earlier today. 

Here are the new members:

Kitagawa Rio (15)

Birthdate: March 16, 2004

Origin: Tokyo, Japan

Blood Type: O

Hobby: Cuisine

Okamura Homare (14)

Birthdate: May 9, 2005

Origin: Tokyo, Japan

Blood Type: A

Hobby: Collecting Stationery

Yamazaki Mei (13)

Birthdate: June 28, 2005

Origin: Hokkaido, Japan

Blood Type: B

Hobby: Collecting Panda goods

* Hello Pro Kenshuusei Hokkaido member

All the girls look so cute! I am happy that we get to see some new faces in Hello Project. Initially, my heart skipped a beat when I heard Rio’s name. I thought she was former Hello Pro Kenshuusei Hokkaido member, Kitagawa Ryo. I got really excited for a second. They are even both born in the same year!

Kitagawa Ryo (former KKS Hokkaido)

Putting the focus back on Rio, I think she looks adorable. Apparently, she is good at singing and golf. So, Morning Musume members Oda Sakura and Ikuta Erina better watch their backs because they have competition!

Okamura Homare

Homare is a very unique name, at least to me. She is charming and has some past modelling experience as well. She has experience in dance, so it seems that Ishida Ayumi also has some competition. She looks up to Sato Masaki. I wonder if they have similar personalities. I hope to find out more about her soon.

Yamazaki Mei

Can I say that I am thrilled that Mei debuted? While I hoped that she debuted in Kobushi Factory, I am glad that she gets to show off her talents in Morning Musume! During the live stream, Mei and Nonaka Miki shared a moment where they spoke English to each other. You know I have a soft spot for bi/multi-lingual speakers. I can see Mei soaring up my ranking.

Congratulations to the winners of the 15th Generation Love auditions! I look forward to their official debut!

Here is the official announcement on Hello Project’s website and the video announcement.

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