Produce X101

The fourth season of the Produce series, Produce X101, is coming to an end this week. After weeks of competition, the final show will air this Friday, July 19th.

Eleven trainees will be chosen to join a new group. The National Producers will select ten of these trainees through their live votes while the eleventh member will be the person who accumulated the most votes throughout the season.

During the last episode, the group name will also be revealed. There have been many interesting names from the past seasons that relate to the show’s title like I.O.I, which looks like 101 and Wanna One, which sounds like 101. I would not be surprised if this time, the group’s name has an “X” in it to relate to the “X” theme that they have been using throughout the season.

A few of my favourites have been eliminated, including Peak from Chandelier Music, Nam Donghyun from The South and Yuri from Esteem Entertainment. However, a number of my favoured trainees are still in the running for the final lineup. For this post, I wanted to share a list of my top eleven hopefuls for the final group.

11. Kim Yohan (Oui Entertainment)

Yohan was ranked first for several weeks throughout the show, including in the last episode. He was not one of my first favourites, but I grew to like him over time, especially in the previous episode where he hosted the games. I like his playful nature, and he seems to have a likeable personality.

10. Lee Eunsang (Brand New Music)

I admire his resolution. He takes up any challenge and opportunity that comes up, even though his skills may not be perfect. I wish I had that type of courage and determination. I believe that the group will prosper with someone with such steady perseverance.

9. Cho Seungyoun (Yuehua Entertainment)

He is a member of UNIQ.  I have been supporting all the UNIQ members that appear on Produce 101 shows, including the Chinese ones. The group has not made a breakthrough in the K-POP industry, so I hope that through these shows they can increase in popularity. Seungyoun is another member with a bubbly personality which can bring energy to the group.

8. Kim Wooseok (T.O.P Media)

Wooseok is a member of UP10TION. I am not an avid follower of the group. I only like a few of their songs. I am biased towards and supportive of already debuted members, especially after what this show has done for Nu’est. Wooseok seems to be a fan favourite. I would be surprised if he did not make it in the final lineup.

7. Han Seungwoo (Plan A Entertainment)

He is a member of Victon. Again, I support debuted members, but Seungwoo is another recent favourite of mine. I just had to stan after seeing his concept evaluation performance for “U Got It.” How could you not have fallen in love, especially with his visuals? He instantly shot up my Produce x101 ranking.

6. Nam Dohyun (MBK Entertainment)

He is cute but fierce. He looks so young but is one of the most mature trainees on the show. He also has impeccable rap skills for his young age, and he has not been rapping for very long! He would be great as one of the rappers in the final group.

5. Song Hyungjun (Starship Entertainment)

There are so many cuties in this season! Hyungjun was one of the X trainees at the beginning of the season. I respected his determination and hardworking nature. I hope he makes it until the end!

4. Son Dongpyo (DSP Media)

Here is another cutie that is hard to resist. He was the centre for the show’s theme song. All the centres of past seasons (Yoojung, Daehwi, Sakura) have made it into the final lineup. I hope it is the same for Dongpyo. He is a versatile and talented performer who can do any concept thrown at him, which is a great skill to have in the K-POP industry.

3. Kang Minhee (Starship Entertainment)

Another Starship trainee. Minhee is another recent favourite from the concept evaluation mission. He may be young, but like Dohyun, he looks and acts a lot older than his age. He has a more mysterious aura and typically does not do cute concepts. However, he pulled off the youthful “Pretty Girl” concept flawlessly. I am drawn to all-rounded idols like him.

2. Song Yuvin (Music Works)

Yuvin is a member of MYTEEN. I love his personality; he is outspoken and funny. He is also a skilled vocalist, which is needed in this final group. As I previously mentioned, I am biased towards debuted members, so that includes Yuvin. 

1. Tony (Hongyi Entertainment)

Last but not least, my absolute favourite from the start is fellow Canadian, Tony. I was instantly drawn to his cute demeanour and because he is a foreigner on the show. He has faced many hurdles because of his lack of Korean skills (and lack of screen time), but he has persevered and made it to the final round. I am so proud of him and happy that Koreans can see his talent and vote for him. Despite his lack of language skills and short tenure as a trainee, Tony is an excellent vocalist. I love his voice. I can only hope that he can sneak a spot in the final line up.

Those were all my favourites that are still left in the show. Who are your favourite contestants? I cannot wait to see the results tomorrow!

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