BI leaves iKON and YG Entertainment


YG Entertainment has become the scandal centre of K-POP. They always had their share of issues, but 2019 seems to be their prime year for controversy.

BI was accused of wanting to purchase drugs, specifically LSD and marijuana, three years ago. Following this news, BI’s contract was terminated, and Yang Hyun-Suk (YG) left all his executive positions after it was revealed that he pushed BI to make the purchase. He was also caught up in his own prostitution scandals.

Wow, it took this for YG to finally resign. BI’s drug charges caused him instant termination while the company babied Seungri after he exploited and abused women. Wow, those standards are ridiculous.

Now, this is not a news site. I am just a personal blogger. There are a lot of stories floating around, and it is hard to determine what is true or not. I am just giving my two cents on BI’s departure.

Love Scenario by iKON

I am not saying what BI did was good, but I am not surprised that he wanted to take LSD. He was the creator of almost all of iKON’s music and their leader. He must have been under immense pressure. Especially with their recent popularity with “Love Scenario.” LSD is a performance-enhancing drug, and YG was encouraging him to take it. I am not confirming this is why he decided to take the drugs, but I am not surprised that he considered that route.


BI was my bias in iKON. Though I was a bit upset at how he decided to distribute the lines among members. However, it is sad to see him go. YG Entertainment is going down a dark path, and I think I am becoming immune to sudden changes in group lineups, especially where scandals are concerned. Also, Han So Hee, a former trainee at the company, was involved. She was also part of T.O.P’s weed controversies. I do not know what she has against YG, but boy, does she seem to want to bring down all their artists. Is it because she did not debut in BLACKPINK?


All jokes aside, what does this mean for iKON? Will they ever make a comeback? I cannot see that happening so soon with all the controversies surrounding the group and company. If they do release music, what will it be like without the prime composer and songwriter?


Will their concept change? BI also had a large share of the line distribution. We technically only have one rapper (Bobby) left in the group. If they perform their older songs, who will get BI’s lines? Bobby cannot sing all the rap parts, especially the parts that overlap or follow right after each other. Also, Bobby’s tone of voice is very different from BIs. His voice may not suit all of BI’s parts. Will YG Entertainment still fulfil its promise of all of its artists releasing two songs this year?


These controversies also affect other groups. To be honest, I do not see the members staying when WINNER’s contract ends. What about BLACKPINK? Has this delayed their future comebacks and solo releases?

I feel bad for Chanhyuk from Akdong Musician who just came back to this mess. Also, TOP who was just released from military service. G-Dragon, Daesung and Taeyang are set to return soon as well.

I am very curious to see what happens to the company. They just hired a new CEO, Hwang Bo Kyung, but that does not make the shadiness and underhandedness disappear. I am disappointed and sad to see that a company that I once loved turn into this mess. However, this goes to show that your favourite idols are not the pure and innocent people you think they are. The idol industry is not a safe and non-toxic place. For now, we just have to wait and see what happens to YG Entertainment.

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