Pristin’s Disbandment

Finally, Pledis Entertainment (one of the worse Korean entertainment companies) came out of its hell hole and officially announced the disbandment of Pristin. It only took them two years. I wish they did this for After School instead of Lizzy having to confirm the group’s death randomly, but that is another story.

Get It by Pristin V

After Pledis mishandled the controversies surrounding Kyla, some fans got some hope with the debut of sub-group, Pristin V. This subgroup released “Get It,” which was a hit with fans and non-fans alike. However, even that was not able to save the group. The company continued to ignore Pristin and left fans in the dark for two years.

Kyulkyung, Yehana and Seungyeon stayed with the company (good luck to them), while all the other members cancelled their contracts. While I am not surprised that Kyulkyung stayed, since the company seems to be treating her well, I am shocked to see Yehana and Seungyeon stayed. Hopefully, they would be able to have successful solo careers. I am also surprised that Nayoung and Rena left since they were some of the more famous members, but it is understandable. Pledis Entertainment does not know how to take care of their groups, especially girl groups. Their focus is on Seventeen, who they overwork all the time.


There have been a lot of crazy rumours floating around since the disbandment. One of them is that the girls that left the company planned to come together to make a new girl group. That was proven to be false. Also, another recent rumour was that some of the girls would join Rania. I hope that this is not the case, because that is another type of mess. Rania has changed lineups more times than a snake changed its skin, and also had several issues with management. It would be walking from one fire to another. I can be wrong, but looking at Rania’s history, it is hard not to be pessimistic.

I wish all the members all the best in their new paths. They have been through so much, and I can only hope that they see success from here. 

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